Smart Touch S7 Series: A New Era of Smart Home Control

Revolutionizing Home Automation with Modular Design and Intuitive Control

Designed by Liping Li, Jiguang Ren, and Jiayun Cen, the Smart Touch S7 Series is a cutting-edge smart home control panel that addresses the limitations of traditional smart home apps. It offers a rich, layered aesthetic and a range of control functions, combining modern technology with an intuitive user interface.

The Smart Touch S7 Series was born out of the need to reconcile the rapid development of smart home technology with the limitations of existing control methods. Traditional smart home apps often prove inconvenient for whole-house control, leading the design team to develop a series of key and knob modules that can be attached to the screen for scalability. This innovative design allows for diverse operation preferences and a rich sense of layering.

What sets the Smart Touch S7 Series apart is its focus on the intelligence trend. It comes equipped with a powerful operating system that offers a wide range of control functions, such as smart appliance control, video intercom, and security surveillance. The intuitive user interface design and attachable knob modules ensure clear visual facilitation for efficient operation.

The series is constructed using fireproof materials and space aluminum, ensuring stable operation even in harsh environments. The key module indicators are treated with metal microporous technology to minimize light pollution, while the knob module features a glass cover and a stainless steel knob. The diamond texture on the knob, created by crossing knurling and electroplated for a metallic lustre, refracts light to create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow on the wall.

Users can control lights, curtains, air conditioners, and other home appliances through voice commands or by using the icons that visualize the appliance running status through animation effects. The panel also allows users to narrow the control area down to a specific room simply by clicking on the floor plan displayed on the touch screen. Additional functions, such as video intercom, security surveillance, and elevator calling, are readily available on the panel.

The design and development of the Smart Touch S7 Series began in April 2022 in Guangzhou, with a planned introduction to the Chinese market in October 2023. The design was driven by the growing popularity of smart home systems and the desire for more diverse functionality. The Smart Touch S7 Series was awarded Silver in the A' Digital and Electronic Device Design Award in 2023, a testament to its innovative design and functionality.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Guangzhou Video-Star Intelligent Co.,Ltd
Image Credits: Guangzhou Video-Star Intelligent Co.,Ltd
Project Team Members: Liping Li Jiguang Ren Jiayun Cen Dan Liu Yongjian Peng Xiangjun Zhu
Project Name: Smart Touch S7 Series
Project Client: Guangzhou Video-Star Intelligent Co.,Ltd

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Smart Touch S7 Series IMG #5

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