Cindy: A Modern Kitchen Solution

Customized Furniture with a Unique Design Language

Inspired by square diamonds, Cindy by Oppolia Home Group Inc. is a modern kitchen solution that combines cooking and socializing functions. With its cutting angle of 45 degrees, Cindy embodies a modern lifestyle that is both visionary and balanced. The project embraces the brand's idea of coexistence with nature, creating a comfortable space reminiscent of a breath of fresh air in a pristine forest.

Cindy stands out from other kitchen designs with its innovative approach. The use of the 45-degree cutting angle as the design language not only adds visual novelty but also ensures user safety. The side-inserted pocket doors and integrated handles provide ample storage space and a humanized traffic flow. The simple yet warm color palette meets the users' desire for uniqueness and aesthetic pleasure. Furthermore, the materials and technologies used in Cindy are ecologically friendly, aligning with the brand's commitment to sustainability.

When it comes to the realization of Cindy, antibacterial wood particle boards and inorganic nanometer antibacterial material are used to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The sustainable manufacturing technology allows for the recycling of cabinet boards and countertops. Additionally, the use of environmentally friendly PET and electrostatic powder spraying technologies not only provides a glossy finish but also enhances resistance to wear, scratches, and dampness, while creating a natural yet luxurious visual effect.

With dimensions of 4746 mm x 640 mm x 2700 mm, Cindy offers a comprehensive kitchen solution. It features hidden pocket doors, open shelves, and transparent cabinet doors that harmonize kitchen utensils with the overall space, providing both aesthetic pleasure and practicality. The refined storage system improves space utilization and living efficiency. The parallel layout ensures a humanized traffic flow and spaciousness.

Designed in March 2022 in Guangzhou, Cindy was launched in January 2023 in China. The project was driven by a human-centered approach, focusing on the harmonious combination of people, environment, and surrounding colors. Through extensive research, the design team aimed to enhance users' daily lives by considering the impact of shape, material, and color on their emotions and experiences. Cindy also caters to the current market's demand for emotional consumption.

Creating a distinctive visual experience through shape, material, and color was one of the main challenges of the project. By incorporating the 45-degree cutting angle throughout the design, Cindy achieves a layout where the island, bar, and cabinets echo with each other, breaking the rules of conventional furniture. The environmentally friendly materials and the color scheme based on their original texture create a sense of comfort and connection with nature.

Awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Furniture Design category in 2023, Cindy has been recognized for its outstanding creativity and ingenuity. This prestigious accolade is bestowed upon designs that demonstrate exceptional technical and creative skills, contributing to improvements in quality of life and making the world a better place.

Around the living needs of the young generation, Cindy uses warm, vibrant colors and the cutting angle of 45 degrees to create an attractive and versatile space solution applicable to multiple scenarios. By integrating cooking, socializing, leisure, and dining functions, Cindy redefines the kitchen as an interactive place that meets the diverse demands of the younger generation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Oppolia
Image Credits: Oppolia
Project Team Members: Guihua Ming
Project Name: Cindy
Project Client: Oppolia

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