Engo: Smart Battery Enclosure

A Minimalist Solution for Efficient Battery Storage

The Engo smart battery enclosure, designed by Vladimir Zagorac, offers a sleek and functional solution for storing and organizing batteries. With its minimalist design and intelligent cable management system, Engo provides a seamless and efficient experience for users.

The inspiration for the Engo smart battery enclosure came from the need to create battery casings for EnGo Planet's solar products. After careful analysis of installation processes and everyday usage scenarios, the focus shifted towards functionality and minimal aesthetic expression. The result is a design that prioritizes easy stacking, optimal space usage, and intelligent cable management.

The straightforward geometric form of the Engo enclosure is enhanced by chamfered vertical edges and recessed corners. These design details serve a purpose beyond aesthetics - they are part of a hidden cabling solution. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with large battery sets, as it enables clean and minimally noticeable wiring in any direction, both horizontally and vertically. The extended walls on the top and bottom of the housing not only keep the cables covered but also allow for safe stacking while providing enough room to connect the terminals between the stacked pieces.

The Engo smart battery enclosure is made using a combination of materials. The casing is constructed from aluminum, providing durability and a sleek appearance. A steel frame ensures structural integrity, while plastic plates and rubber insulation contribute to the overall functionality and safety of the design.

Engo is available in three different sizes: a 30Ah unit measuring W: 205mm, D: 90mm, H: 215mm; a 60Ah unit measuring W: 220mm, D: 120mm, H: 380mm; and a 100Ah unit measuring W: 248mm, D: 120mm, H: 556mm. This range of sizes allows users to choose the capacity that best suits their needs.

One of the standout features of the Engo smart battery enclosure is its ease of use. The design details and flexible materials used on the top and bottom of the housing ensure neat wiring and a clean look for any battery set. The bottom rubber surface features two openings that align with the position of the terminals on the unit placed below, facilitating easy connection. Additionally, side openings allow for lifting the case using a strap, making it easier to stack heavier versions of the battery. Users can monitor the operation and capacity of the unit through a smartphone app via Bluetooth. The product also offers optional features such as a voltmeter, switch, and USB inlets for charging mobile devices.

The Engo smart battery enclosure project took place over several weeks, with design and production occurring in both the USA and Europe. Extensive research went into the development of the design, considering factors such as production processes, battery pack sizes, and cost-efficiency. The use of aluminum for the housing was chosen for its simplicity in production and low starting cost. The dimensions of cables, contacts, and connectors were carefully considered to ensure a perfect fit between neighboring housings.

The Engo smart battery enclosure overcame several challenges to provide a reliable and versatile solution. Designed to be used in retrofit solar equipment, power walls, electric vehicles, yachts, and more, the enclosure needed to make efficient use of available space. Thermal and water insulation were given careful attention, with three layers of insulation, including ceramic coating, maintaining a constant temperature for the battery pack. The rubber used for insulation on the top and bottom of the enclosure provides flexibility to compensate for uneven surfaces while preventing capsizing.

In conclusion, the Engo smart battery enclosure combines functionality and minimalistic aesthetics to offer a practical and efficient solution for battery storage. Its clean design, intelligent cable management system, and range of sizes make it a versatile choice for various applications. With its focus on ease of use and attention to detail, the Engo smart battery enclosure sets a new standard for battery organization and management.

Image Credits: Vladimir Zagorac

Intellectual Property Notice: Vladimir Zagorac

Awards and Accolades: The Engo smart battery enclosure was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Energy Products, Projects, and Devices Design category in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. The Engo smart battery enclosure stands out for its integration of industry best practices, competent technical characteristics, and contribution to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Vladimir Zagorac
Image Credits: Vladimir Zagorac
Project Team Members: Vladimir Zagorac
Project Name: Engo
Project Client: Vladimir Zagorac

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