Lotus: A Modern Twist on Changsha Kiln

Reviving Tradition with Contemporary Design

Inspired by the classic object of Changsha kiln, the bowl with lotus flower pattern in green glaze and brown-green color, designers Jun Zhou and SunYujia have created Lotus, a series of tableware that combines traditional patterns with modern functionality.

The Lotus collection takes the traditional lotus flower pattern from the Changsha kiln and abstracts it into a pure geometric figure. The designers have reimagined the pattern and evolved it into a series of tableware that is adapted to modern home life. The combination of height and size allows for a seamless integration of the traditional motif into contemporary settings.

What sets Lotus apart is its unique approach to design. The bowl is disassembled into separate vessels for use, but when combined, they form a decorative piece for storage. This allows users to experience the ritual of restoring the Changsha kiln lotus bowl pattern, creating a sense of connection to the rich cultural heritage of the region.

In addition to the lotus pattern, the designers have incorporated auspicious objects from the Tang Dynasty onto the tableware. These patterns correspond to different scenes, adding a touch of symbolism and meaning to each piece.

The Lotus collection is made using creative porcelain techniques, realized by hand by professional ceramic artists. The process involves mold opening and standardization to ensure the highest quality and consistency in each piece.

With a range of specifications, including round dinner plates, square dinner plates, flower-shaped dinner plates, slimline dinner plates, and a flower vase, the Lotus collection offers versatility and functionality for various dining occasions. The round dinner plate measures 225mm in width, 225mm in depth, and 25mm in height, while the flower vase measures 174mm in width, 64mm in depth, and 20.5mm in height.

Lotus is not just a collection of tableware; it is a testament to the cultural significance of the Changsha kiln. By studying, interpreting, and innovating this traditional craft through product design, Jun Zhou and SunYujia have created a bridge between the past and the present, allowing the regional culture to be preserved and celebrated in modern daily life.

The design process for Lotus was not without its challenges. The designers aimed to retain the uniqueness of the regional culture while ensuring that the tradition could be reintroduced into modern home life. By abstracting the lotus pattern and incorporating contemporary design elements, they successfully achieved this delicate balance.

The Lotus collection was completed in Hunan in September 2022. It is a testament to the designers' dedication to preserving and promoting regional culture through innovative design.

Lotus has been recognized for its outstanding design with a Bronze A' Design Award in the Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware, and Cookware Design category. This prestigious award is bestowed upon designs that exhibit strong technical and creative skills, contributing to quality of life improvements and making the world a better place.

With Lotus, Jun Zhou and SunYujia have created a modern twist on the Changsha kiln, breathing new life into a traditional craft and allowing it to thrive in contemporary settings. The collection not only showcases the designers' creativity and ingenuity but also pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: jun zhou
Image Credits: Image #1:Photographer Zhou Jun&Sun YuJia,Renderings01, 2022. Image #2:Photographer Zhou Jun&Sun YuJia,Renderings02, 2022. Image #3:Photographer Zhou Jun&Sun YuJia,Renderings03, 2022. Image #4:Photographer Zhou Jun&Sun YuJia,Renderings04, 2022. Image #5:Photographer Zhou Jun&Sun YuJia,Renderings05, 2022.
Project Team Members: Sun Yu Jia
Project Name: Lotus
Project Client: jun zhou

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