Hitobito: A Captivating Lighting Installation

Bringing Diversity to Life in Taipei City

The Hitobito lighting installation, created by designers Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan, is a unique and captivating art piece that celebrates the diversity of Taipei City. Inspired by traditional Asian crafting methods and architectural structures, this installation weaves together bamboo and steel pipes to create a stunning visual experience.

The design of Hitobito draws inspiration from the Chinese character for a person, symbolizing two individuals supporting each other. The installation features two small entrances that merge into a larger space, where visitors can enjoy a mesmerizing projection on the ground. Located near one of the main entrances to the festival venue, Hitobito invites people to gather and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the lantern festival.

The construction of Hitobito involved manually bending steel pipes and cladding them with 1cm bamboo dowels. This combination of industrial materials and traditional craftsmanship creates an organic and visually striking structure. At the center of the installation, a projector casts motion graphics onto the floor, enhancing the immersive experience for visitors.

With dimensions of 9.8 meters in width, 7.8 meters in depth, and 3.5 meters in height, Hitobito stands as an impressive presence within the festival grounds. Its unique design and use of materials make it a standout piece among the various installations.

During the lantern festival, visitors interact with Hitobito by entering individually through the narrow side entrance. As they make their way through the installation, they converge in the larger space where the projection creates a captivating visual display. This interaction allows visitors to engage with the art and become part of the overall experience.

The creation of Hitobito began in November 2022 and was completed in January 2023 in Taipei City. The installation was unveiled to the public during the lantern festival in February 2023. As part of the festival, Hitobito represents the integration of art and culture within the urban fabric of Taipei, celebrating the diversity of Taiwan and the harmonious coexistence of different nations.

The design of Hitobito presented several challenges, particularly in combining industrial materials with traditional bamboo crafting. The intricate three-dimensional curvature of the installation required a carefully woven surface of bamboo dowels supported by a steel pipe structure. The result is a harmonious blend of modern and traditional elements, creating a visually stunning and thought-provoking art piece.

Hitobito is not only visually captivating but also emotionally engaging. The warm lighting that illuminates the installation at night envelops visitors, creating a sense of unity and connection with the space. It serves as a reminder of the power of art to evoke emotions and create memorable experiences.

The exceptional design of Hitobito has been recognized with the prestigious Bronze A' Design Award in the Lighting Projects and Light Art Design category in 2023. This award acknowledges the outstanding creativity and ingenuity of the design, as well as its contribution to improving the quality of life through art, science, design, and technology.

Hitobito stands as a testament to the power of art and design to bring people together, celebrate diversity, and create meaningful experiences. Its fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology showcases the endless possibilities of creativity in the realm of art installations.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan
Image Credits: Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan
Project Team Members: Daisuke Nagatomo Minnie Jan Jenny Yeh Hao Sung
Project Name: Hitobito
Project Client: Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan

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Hitobito IMG #5

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