Global Vision: A Light on Immigration through Art

Eye-Catching Light Installation Reflects Immigrant Experiences

Global Vision, a monumental light installation by Nargiza Usmanova, offers a unique perspective on the immigrant experience. This award-winning design, exhibited at Nuit Blanche, uses light and form to symbolize the journey of immigrants from Europe and Asia to North America.

Usmanova's team, comprised of immigrants themselves, drew inspiration from their own experiences. The installation's design, an intersection of semicircles forming a large eye, represents the shift of hemispheres experienced by immigrants. This eye-shaped labyrinth, made up of 24 triangular prisms, allows visitors to walk through, symbolizing the challenges and changes immigrants face in their new environment.

The installation's unique properties lie in its ability to visually represent the theme of immigration. The changing lights within the structure symbolize the constant adaptation immigrants undergo in their new homeland. Each prism is interconnected, reflecting the shared connections within society. The eye's pupil symbolizes a place for new life, and the intersection of the semicircles represents the East and West hemispheres on Earth.

Global Vision was realized using 24 triangular prisms made of metal, decorated with reflective adhesive tape and diffuser polyethylene film. The installation spans 23 meters in width, 13 meters in depth, and stands 2.5 meters high. The reflective and transparent materials used in the prisms diffuse and reflect light, reinforcing the idea of intersecting human destinies.

The installation was exhibited in North York, Toronto, for one night on October 1-2, 2022. It was part of the Nuit Blanche festival, a city-wide celebration of contemporary art. The project started in August 2022 and was completed in September 2022.

Global Vision was awarded Silver in the A' Lighting Projects and Light Art Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is given to designs that demonstrate outstanding expertise, innovation, and artistic skill. The award recognizes designs that introduce positive feelings, amazement, and wonder, characteristics that are embodied in Usmanova's Global Vision.

In conclusion, Global Vision is a testament to the power of art in shedding light on social issues. It is a unique and innovative representation of the immigrant experience, using light and form to convey a powerful message. The installation not only provides a visually stunning experience but also invites viewers to reflect on the challenges and changes faced by immigrants.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Nargiza Usmanova
Image Credits: Nargiza Usmanova Maxim Zinchuk
Project Team Members: Artist and Designer: Nargiza Usmanova
Project Name: Global Vision at Nuit Blanche
Project Client: Nargiza Usmanova

Global Vision at Nuit Blanche IMG #2
Global Vision at Nuit Blanche IMG #3
Global Vision at Nuit Blanche IMG #4
Global Vision at Nuit Blanche IMG #5
Global Vision at Nuit Blanche IMG #5

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