Revolutionizing Liquor Packaging: Quan Yuan's Cool Line

Unconventional Design Meets Functionality in Award-Winning Liquor Bottles

Quan Yuan's Cool Line, a groundbreaking design for liquor bottles, challenges traditional forms while serving functionality with style. This innovative design, which won the Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, offers a fresh perspective on liquor packaging, combining aesthetics and practicality in a unique way.

Quan Yuan found inspiration in the transformation of 2D lines into 3D forms. The designer combined two thick lines and added a joint at the bottom to change the line direction, resulting in a 3D shape of a liquor bottle. This creative approach not only subverts the typical shape of liquor bottles but also accurately conveys that the function is served by the form.

The uniqueness of Cool Line lies in its structure. A complete unit consists of a pair of linear tubes, each capable of holding two kinds of liquor: the main upper part and the C-shaped base part. This means a pair of tubes can hold four different base liquors, with distinctive bottle colors to distinguish the flavors. The shape can be rotated and folded at the joints, allowing it to be reassembled into a new 3D form, adding an element of fun to the design.

The realization of this design involved the use of 304 stainless steel and food-grade inner coating for the container material, while the outer packaging material comprised cardboards, EVA-base, PET-sheets, and acrylic plates. The technical specifications of the design are 138mm in width, 117mm in depth, and 380mm in height.

The interaction with the design is straightforward. By unscrewing the top bottle cap, the user can directly pour out the liquor from the main tube. The C-shaped base part can be directly pulled out from the joint when it is positioned at 90 degrees, and then unscrewed the small bottle cap to pour out the liquor of the C-shaped part.

The design project, which started in Zhengzhou in February 2022 and completed in January 2023, faced several challenges. The most difficult part was the joint, which had to ensure that the upper part of the main tube could rotate freely. It also needed to ensure that the bottom could do four continuous 90-degree positioning rotations (360-degree rotation). Counterweight at the bottom and overall balance were also challenging aspects of the design.

Quan Yuan's Cool Line is not just a design; it's a revolution in liquor packaging. It's a testament to the designer's creativity and innovation, pushing the boundaries of traditional forms and introducing a new way of looking at liquor bottles. The design, which is protected by the China National Intellectual Property Administration, is a perfect blend of form and function, making it a deserving winner of the prestigious Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Quan Yuan
Image Credits: Image #1, Photographer Weihua Liu, 2023 Image #2, Photographer Weihua Liu, 2023 Image #3, Renderer Quan Yuan, 2023 Image #4, Photographer Weihua Liu, 2023 Image #5, Photographer Weihua Liu, 2023 Video Credits: Video editor, Kai Zhang, 2023
Project Team Members: Quan Yuan
Project Name: Cool Line
Project Client: Quan Yuan

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Cool Line IMG #5

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