Beautiful Chinese Wine

Gift Box Design by Wu Yao

The Beautiful Chinese Wine gift box design by Wu Yao draws inspiration from the stunning landscapes of China, with a focus on the color green. The design aims to integrate the harmonious pictures of civilization, ecology, and nature into an elegant and unique gift box.

This design takes the Wisdom Shede wine bottle as its prototype and features five small wine bottles, each adorned with different pictures of rare animals and nature. These elements reflect the meaning of a civilized, ecological, and beautiful China. The green color of the bottle body represents the lush green landscapes found in Chinese landscape paintings, adding an elegant charm to the overall design.

The outer packaging of the gift box is in the form of a suitcase, combining the elements of a box and a bag. The box and bag are adorned with vibrant nature pictures, with the five rare animals depicted using gold stamping. The other natural landscapes are printed on the leather box and bag in a line drawing style, reminiscent of traditional woodblock prints.

The dimensions of the outsourcing box are 500mm x 200mm x 500mm. The design team, led by Wu Yao, included original designer Yao Wu, illustration designers Yuchen Zhang, Boxing Xie, Huafeng Shi, and Zhen Tan, graphic designers Ziyang Zheng and Huafeng Shi, and 3D designer Hao Liao.

The Beautiful Chinese Wine gift box design aims to create an interactive experience for the recipient. Each of the five small wine bottles features a unique picture, showcasing rare animals and nature. This design not only serves as a gift but also reflects the beauty of China's ecological and civilized aspects.

The project commenced in Beijing in October 2021 and was completed in November 2021. The design was inspired by the importance of ecological civilization construction and the commitment of Tuopai Shede to green and environmentally friendly practices in the industry. The design aligns with the principles of beautiful China and promotes ecological consumption in the Baijiu industry.

The Beautiful Chinese Wine gift box design faced several challenges, including selecting the main color as cyan and wrapping the upper and lower corners in gold to enhance the overall quality of the package. The top-open design adds a touch of luxury, resembling a precious gift. The natural theme of the design aligns with the quality and essence of Shede wine, allowing consumers to experience the charm of nature while receiving the exquisite gift box.

This design was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Packaging Design category in 2023. The award recognizes the outstanding creativity and ingenuity of the design, incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology. The Beautiful Chinese Wine gift box design contributes to improving the quality of life and making the world a better place.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Wu yao
Image Credits: Wu yao
Project Team Members: Original designer:yao Wu Illustration designer:yuchen Zhang Illustration designer:boxing Xie Illustration designer:huafeng Shi Illustration designer:zhen Tan Graphic designer:ziyang Zheng Graphic designer:huafeng Shi 3D designer:hao Liao
Project Name: Beautiful Chinese Wine
Project Client: Wu yao

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Beautiful Chinese Wine IMG #5

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