Revolutionizing Banking with AI Conversations

UXDA's Innovative Mobile App Transforms Banking Experience

UXDA, a leading design firm, has introduced a groundbreaking concept in the banking sector with their AI Conversational Banking mobile app. This innovative design brings a fresh perspective to the industry, transforming the way customers interact with banking services.

The inspiration behind this design comes from the potential of AI-powered solutions to fuel new types of products in banking. UXDA's client approached them with a mission to infuse love into finance through conversational banking. The challenge was to integrate these innovative technologies without causing complications in terms of user experience. The result is a mobile app that uses natural language interactions, such as text-based chat or voice commands, to deliver banking services.

The unique properties of this design lie in its ability to make banking more convenient and accessible for customers. The app allows users to check account balances, make payments, and get financial advice through a chatbot. It even includes a lifestyle virtual assistant. The goal of the conversational banking app is to make banking feel more natural to the users.

The realization of this design was achieved through a combination of AI technologies and customer-centered UX design. Users can quickly initiate banking transactions through the AI chatbot or Siri-like request by simply saying or typing in the needed action. The app processes the request, confirms with the user, and executes it. The service also provides innovative conversational ways for users to save, invest, donate, and perform other financial actions.

When designing the user experience for this AI-powered financial product, UXDA aimed to evoke feelings of futurism, curiosity, and innovation. They drew inspiration from outside the banking world, infusing the product with the colors of a Los Angeles sunrise, the ambience of Florence's Duomo Cathedral, and even the peacefulness of Japanese Zen gardens. This approach resulted in a truly unique user experience.

The project started in November 2019 and was completed in November 2020. The design process involved extensive research into digital human behavior to find a new edge for the banking experience. This required courage and an innovative approach to combine cutting-edge technology with a design rooted in beauty, love, and empathy.

The design was not without its challenges. Mobile banking apps are typically built upon a series of menus and buttons, but the Bella team required something entirely different: full-range banking services through a conversational interface. They challenged the UXDA team to create a never-before-seen banking interface and full-range retail banking services. Despite these challenges, the design was successful and was awarded the Golden A' Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award in 2023.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: UXDA
Image Credits: UXDA LLC
Project Team Members: Alex Kreger | UX Strategist Linda Zaikovska-Daukste | UX Strategist Inese Zepa | Lead UX Architect Santa Paegle | UX Architect Andrew Yeliseyev | Art Director Dmitry Kustov | Lead UI Designer
Project Name: AI Conversational Banking
Project Client: UXDA

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AI Conversational Banking IMG #5

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