Takeen: A Bamboo Oasis in the Heart of the City

Ode Sdn Bhd's Award-Winning Design Merges Nature with Urban Life

Takeen, an Omakase bar designed by Ode Sdn Bhd, is a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and architecture. Inspired by the bamboo trees surrounding the site, this design offers a tranquil space for patrons to escape the bustling city. It's not just a bar, but a sustainable, organic enclave that connects the interior with the flora outside.

The uniqueness of Takeen lies in its integration of plant morphology, particularly bamboo, with the functional requirements of the bar. Diverging from the typical rectangular concrete forms, the fluid, biomimetic design of Takeen emerged from the mathematical interpretation of leaf and branching patterns found in plants. As the entrance, bar, and kitchen walls slowly bifurcate and converge, it creates an organic continuation of space that is in harmony with nature.

The realization of this organic design began with organizing the programmatic requirements of the omakase bar and kitchen in relation to site constraints. The limitations in the depth of the existing space generated a residual area that became the starting point of the plant-based growth patterns throughout the design. The result provides 37 percent more storage space than what was originally required, eliminating the sight of glassware, servingware, containers, etc. to maximize the experience of bamboo.

Takeen offsets the total carbon emitted from the use of lightweight concrete blocks and tiles through bamboo materials. The total amount of carbon stored by using 25mm wide x 15mm thick and 5mm wide x 25mm thick strips of bamboo and timber is 20.31 tons. In comparison, the total amount of carbon emitted from the use of lightweight concrete blocks and tiles is 1.538 tons. By using bamboo and a timber structure, the project stores 18.77 tons more carbon than it emits.

Takeen is more than just a physical space; it's an immersive experience. The natural smell and touch of bamboo combined with the geometrical translation of its growth patterns into space and form, enlightens the senses. As light cascades down its undulating forms, an amalgamation of shadow, material, and organic space is experienced. From the existing corridor, the entrance branches off into the space, creating a natural flow between inside and outside. Internally, the walls, cabinets, counter tops, and shelves seamlessly flow into one another through a discrete set of curved geometry, creating a working area that is easy to operate and an experience of bamboos intrinsic nature that is unique to Takeen.

The project started in March 2022 and finished in Jan 2023. One of the main challenges was to create an omakase bar that appears minimalist and natural, expressing the beauty of bamboo. To seamlessly construct the curved bamboo walls with the shelves, countertops, and cabinets, each having different radii, the entire space had to be customized. The omakase bar counter tops were prefabricated into various sized panels using 5mm wide strips of bamboo and installed on site first. Then, thin strips of bamboo were installed individually to create continuity between the different curved surfaces.

This Design was awarded Silver in A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023. Silver A' Design Award : Rewarded to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that illustrate outstanding expertise and innovation. These designs, admired for their strong technical characteristics and splendid artistic skill, showcase a remarkable level of excellence and introduce positive feelings, amazement, and wonder.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: ODE
Image Credits: Main image by Lin Ho Optional Image 01 by Lin Ho Optional Image 02 by Lin Ho Optional Image 03 by David Yeow Optional Image 04 by David Yeow
Project Team Members: Dr. Kody Kato Jean Kian Soon
Project Name: Takeen
Project Client: ODE

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