Luxurious Villa: A Masterpiece of Interior Design

Unveiling the Beauty and Functionality of Cent Interior Space Design

In view of the client's understated and pragmatic character and the family's preference for grandness and tranquility, Cent Interior Space Design skillfully leveraged unique pro-natural textures of wood, stone, rock, brick, and other materials to create a luxurious villa that exudes comfort and elegance.

This project, designed by Cent Interior Space Design, stands out with its single isolated house, square and neat space, and multi-story structure. The design takes advantage of a central staircase that serves as a natural medium to divide the floor into two halves, allowing for functional units to be arranged according to the client's needs. The first floor, with a height of nearly four meters, features a foyer-style entrance, a spacious living room, an open kitchen, and a dining area for the family to share. Additionally, a garage in the front yard adds convenience to the overall design.

The living room, unassuming, elegant, and serene, adopts a minimalist approach, avoiding excessive decoration. The TV wall, made of natural stones collated in a regular pattern, showcases vivid dragon imagery rich in auspicious metaphors. The asymmetrical segmented shape not only retains a moderate degree of transparency but also highlights the width with a horizontal table, accentuating the overall feeling of lightness. The back wall of the sofa is made of black mirror, KD board, wood grating, rock veneer, and other eco-friendly materials, creating an irregular splicing effect. A sliding door is built in to grace the windows, adding functionality to the design. The kitchen and dining area's video wall is made of rock slabs, showcasing the owner's unique taste and echoing the main vision of the living room with its delicate natural texture.

With a total area of 363 square meters, this luxurious villa offers a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. Each of the five bedrooms adopts a high-standard suite model, reflecting different users' personality preferences. The attention to detail in workmanship, functional composition, thematic colors, and style shaping is evident throughout the design. For example, the female master's bedroom features a soft and elegant lotus pink melamine panel for the bedside video wall, adding a low-profile luxurious atmosphere. The girls' room exhibits a charming French light classical style, with bold bright goose yellow as the base color, balanced by soft white decorative lines and cabinets. A shield-like grille panel on the right side of the bed accentuates the lighting and adds a touch of divine elegance.

The design of the first-floor staircase presented creative and technical challenges. Flanked by glass sliding doors that define the living room and kitchen and dining area, the doors required careful consideration of aesthetics, ergonomic application of force, and smooth movement. Load-bearing, structural strength, and service life were also important factors to ensure the doors' functionality and longevity. The on-site application of natural rock slabs demanded precise alignments, tight joints, and seamless processing to showcase the integrity and artistry of the space, putting the decorators' skills to the test.

Completed in May 2022 in Tainan City, Taiwan, this luxurious villa by Cent Interior Space Design is a testament to their expertise in creating stunning and functional living spaces. With its unique design, meticulous craftsmanship, and attention to detail, this project has been recognized with the Iron A' Design Award in 2023 for its well-designed, practical, and innovative approach. The award acknowledges the integration of industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, contributing to a better world.

Experience the beauty and functionality of Cent Interior Space Design's luxurious villa, where art, architecture, design, and innovation converge to create a truly exceptional living space.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Cent Interior Space Design
Image Credits: Uncolored Studio
Project Team Members: Tsai Ming-Han
Project Name: Luxurious Villa
Project Client: Cent Interior Space Design

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Luxurious Villa IMG #5

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