Petervary: The Multifunctional Piano Bench Revolutionizing Music

Combining High-Tech Innovation with Classical Style

The Petervary Smart Piano Bench, designed by Maform Design Studio, is a revolutionary product that seamlessly blends high-tech functionality with the elegance of classical music. Inspired by the fine details and form language of grand pianos, this multifunctional bench is set to transform the way people play and learn to play the piano.

At the heart of the Petervary Smart Piano Bench is its unique sliding feature. The upper part of the bench can slide sideways, allowing pianists to effortlessly reach the keys on the far ends of the piano while maintaining optimal body posture. This not only enhances accuracy and comfort while playing but also enables musicians to practice for longer periods without strain.

Another standout feature of the Petervary Smart Piano Bench is its motorized height setup. Artists, teachers, and students can easily adjust the bench's height to their preferred position using the control panel or an NFC tag. The mobile app also allows for automatic adjustment based on personalized height profiles. This ensures that every pianist can find their ideal playing position, promoting better technique and reducing the risk of injury.

The Petervary Smart Piano Bench is not only innovative in its functionality but also in its production. The design team utilized rapid prototyping technologies to create a fully functional display prototype. The bench's casing was manufactured in multiple pieces, which were then carefully bonded and polished to achieve a high-level appearance. The assembly was designed to be fully serviceable, with hidden bolts maintaining the bench's sleek aesthetic.

With dimensions of 870mm (width) x 405mm (depth) x 570mm (height), the Petervary Smart Piano Bench is designed to fit seamlessly into any space. It occupies a floor area of 0.35m2 and weighs approximately 32kg. These specifications make it a versatile and practical addition to any piano setup.

The Petervary Smart Piano Bench is the result of extensive research and collaboration. Maform Design Studio employed qualitative and disruptive research methods, including user tests and case studies, to better understand the needs of pianists, students, and instructors. The goal was to create a product that not only met the highest standards of style and ergonomics but also incorporated the latest technological advancements.

One of the main challenges faced by the design team was striking the perfect balance between high-tech innovation and classical aesthetics. The Petervary Smart Piano Bench needed to stand proudly next to grand pianos, complementing their elegance while showcasing its own modern features. Maform Design Studio successfully achieved this by creating a bench that seamlessly integrates into the world of classical music while offering cutting-edge functionality.

The Petervary Smart Piano Bench has already garnered recognition in the design world. It was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in 2023, a prestigious accolade that celebrates well-designed, practical, and innovative creations. This award recognizes the Petervary Smart Piano Bench for its ability to meet professional and industrial requirements while providing fulfillment and positive experiences for musicians.

The Petervary Smart Piano Bench is set to revolutionize the way pianists play and learn. Its innovative sliding feature and motorized height setup offer unparalleled comfort and versatility. Whether you're a professional musician, a teacher, or a student, the Petervary Smart Piano Bench is designed to adapt to your personal needs and ergonomic demands, ensuring an exceptional playing experience every time.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Maform
Image Credits: Maform
Project Team Members: Lead designer: Márk Fábián Product designer: Zita Aszódi Interaction designer: Gerda Nagy Mechanical engineer: Balázs Polacsek Design and art management: Fruzsina Tóth Design assistants: Tímea Galazek, Ildikó Varga Design consultant: Géza Csire
Project Name: Petervary
Project Client: Maform

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