Gin And Chuan: A Fusion of East and West in Shanghai's Newest Restaurant

Blending Sichuan Cuisine and Jingdezhen Ceramic Art

Inspired by the rich heritage of Jingdezhen and the vibrant flavors of Sichuan cuisine, "Gin and Chuan" restaurant in Shanghai offers a unique dining experience that combines the best of Eastern and Western aesthetics.

The "Scenery" in "Gin and Chuan" restaurant draws inspiration from Jingdezhen, known as the porcelain capital of China. It seamlessly integrates the modern design style of Swiss internationalism with the exquisite art of Jingdezhen ceramics. The result is an international aesthetic expression that showcases the essence of ceramic art in a contemporary setting.

Spanning an impressive 2,000 square meters, "Gin and Chuan" restaurant is strategically located in the heart of Shanghai's East Hongqiao district. Its prime location connects multiple business circles, including Tianshan Hongqiao and Gubei, making it a hub for both locals and visitors alike. With the Great Hongqiao Hub as its backdrop, this restaurant benefits from the dual empowerment of the Hongqiao Central Business District and Changning District, solidifying its position as a top-class establishment.

The realization of this exceptional design involved extensive research and exploration of Sichuan's Bashu culture and cuisine. Sichuan cuisine is renowned for its bold and flavorful dishes, skillfully utilizing spicy seasonings to create a harmonious balance of freshness and richness. Drawing inspiration from the inclusive nature of Sichuan cuisine, "Gin and Chuan" restaurant offers a menu that combines the best of Southeast, North, and West flavors, reaching the standard of a state banquet while retaining the charm of street food.

One of the standout features of "Gin and Chuan" restaurant is its custom-made ceramic handicrafts from Jingdezhen. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and fired at a high temperature of 1400 degrees, resulting in unique and exquisite creations. These exclusive ceramic pieces add a touch of elegance and authenticity to the dining experience, further enhancing the fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics.

With 10 private dining rooms, "Gin and Chuan" can accommodate up to 200 guests. The restaurant's interior design seamlessly blends catering culture, ceramic art, visual art, space design, humanistic aesthetics, and contemporary art. By combining the essence of Sichuan cuisine and the global influence of Jingdezhen ceramic culture, "Gin and Chuan" presents a high-end dining experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

Completed in 2022, "Gin and Chuan" restaurant stands as a testament to the successful fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. This innovative establishment has garnered recognition for its exceptional design, winning the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award celebrates designs that showcase creativity, resourcefulness, and a commitment to improving the quality of life through art, science, design, and technology.

Experience the harmonious blend of Sichuan cuisine and Jingdezhen ceramic art at "Gin and Chuan" restaurant, where East meets West in a truly remarkable dining experience.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Chen Zilong
Image Credits: Creator:Yinluo Du; Creator:Huang Xin; Creator:Yang Chao.
Project Team Members: Chen Zilong
Project Name: Gin and Chuan
Project Client: Chen Zilong

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