Shan Yi: A Brand Design Revolutionizing Smart Agriculture

Creating a Unified Brand Image for Shan Yi

Inspired by the need for reliable and durable smart technology in agriculture, designers Wu Fangbo and Liu Beibei have crafted a brand design that encapsulates the essence of Shan Yi. With a focus on creating a protective shield for agriculture through smart products, the logo design incorporates the core values of the brand, establishing a unique and powerful visual identity.

The logo design of Shan Yi is centered around a shield shape, symbolizing the tough and durable character of the brand. Wu Fangbo and Liu Beibei have ingeniously intertwined the letters "S" and "Y" within the shield, representing the connection between smart technology and agriculture. This design choice not only highlights the brand's commitment to innovation but also creates a visual association between Shan Yi and the agricultural industry.

What sets Shan Yi apart from other brands in the intelligent agricultural machinery industry is its use of abstract imagery. The logo incorporates patterns of ruts and wheatear, which not only add personality to the brand but also evoke the beautiful implication of a fruitful harvest in autumn. This unique visual element further strengthens the brand's identity and creates a lasting impression on its audience.

Realizing the logo design required careful attention to detail. The aspect ratio of the logo follows the golden ratio, and the strokes inside the shield are of equal width. By strategically placing partially staggered strokes, the letters "S" and "Y" can be recognized while maintaining the integrity and continuity of the logo. This meticulous approach ensures that the logo can be reproduced accurately across various mediums, including printing, sewing, and injection molding.

Shan Yi's logo design not only serves as a powerful visual signal but also facilitates brand recognition and recall. Whether used for promotional purposes or as a vehicle-logo, the logo effectively communicates the brand's concept of products and services. Its unique and associative design enables users to easily identify and remember the brand, fostering a strong connection between Shan Yi and its target audience.

The project to create the Shan Yi logo commenced in Beijing in December 2022 and was successfully completed in February 2023. Throughout the design process, the team conducted in-depth research on relevant brands and products in the intelligent agricultural machinery industry. This research allowed them to analyze the advantages and characteristics of Shan Yi and create a logo that conveys the brand's identity, attributes, and aspirations.

Overcoming creative, technical, and research challenges was crucial in the development of the Shan Yi logo. The designers faced the task of using a concise external symbol to convey the rich meaning of the brand internally, while ensuring easy recognition and memorability. Additionally, as a new brand, the logo design had to be versatile enough to support future business expansion and diverse applications.

The Shan Yi logo design has garnered recognition in the design community, receiving the prestigious Bronze A' Design Award in 2023. This award celebrates designs that exhibit outstanding creativity and resourcefulness, incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology. The logo's strong technical and creative skills contribute to improving the quality of life in the agricultural industry, making Shan Yi a true innovator in the field of smart agriculture.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: sxdesign
Image Credits: sxdesign
Project Team Members: Fangbo Wu Beibei Liu Yipeng Ding Xu Chen Ge Song Rong Zhang Hao Fu
Project Name: Shan Yi
Project Client: sxdesign

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Shan Yi IMG #5

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