Michihiro Matsuo's Cross: A Revolutionary Approach to Residential Design

Winner of the Silver A' Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award in 2023

Michihiro Matsuo's residential house, Cross, is a unique architectural marvel that redefines the concept of living spaces. The design, inspired by the panoramic views of the site, integrates the surrounding scenery into the house, creating a rich living experience. The house's unique features and innovative design have earned it the prestigious Silver A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023.

The Cross, located in a residential area in Osaka, Japan, is a testament to Matsuo's innovative approach to design. The house is structured on two planes intersecting at different angles, mirroring the shape of the diagonal land. This intersection creates a new margin within the room, fostering deeper communication among the residents and serving multiple purposes.

The design of the Cross is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Despite being in a densely populated area, the house ensures privacy while providing a sense of openness. The exterior, visible from the outside, has an orderly form, ensuring a moderate sense of openness while protecting the privacy of the residents. The interior is moderately open and has a visual expanse.

The Cross is a testament to Japan's architectural prowess, combining complex spatial composition with structural strength. The house is constructed using large-section laminated wood and metal joints, ensuring durability and safety in an earthquake-prone country. The structure has been designed with the utmost consideration for strength, making it a safe and secure living space.

One of the unique features of the Cross is its interaction with the environment. The main living space is located on the second floor, floating in the air, while the surrounding daily life is conducted on the ground surface. The arrangement of trees and houses in a planned manner effectively induces the gaze of passersby. The three-dimensional interior space expands eyes in many directions, ensuring privacy and creating a rich everyday life.

The Cross is not just a residential house; it's a design that challenges the conventional norms of architecture. It is a design that strives to meet the low-carbon demand required for wooden structures and create designs with even higher openness. Furthermore, it is a design that ensures the strength to withstand the frequent large earthquakes in Japan.

In conclusion, Michihiro Matsuo's Cross is a revolutionary residential design that seamlessly blends aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. It is a design that redefines the concept of living spaces, creating a rich and engaging living experience. The Cross is a testament to Matsuo's innovative approach to design and his commitment to creating sustainable and functional living spaces.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Michihiro Matsuo
Image Credits: Michihiro Matsuo: Metaph Architect Associates
Project Team Members: Michihiro Matsuo
Project Name: Cross
Project Client: Michihiro Matsuo

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