H20 Series: Eco-friendly Modern Home Space

Reshaping the Classic with Ingenuity and Elegance

The H20 series, designed by Lini Lin, Liang Wang, and Yongsheng Xie, pays tribute to "10 years of the original & 20 years of the master". With new process materials and modern design techniques, this series aims to create healthy and original-state products of ingenuity, reshaping the classic and giving it a new meaning to life. The wine display shelf realizes personalized display and customization through a suspension system and lighting system to meet the social needs of meeting close friends at home.

In order to inherit the concept of the brand and meet the personalized needs of customers, the H20 series stands out with its unique properties. The product uses high-quality decorative panels overall and an integrated same-color match, creating an elegant and stylish atmosphere with mountain emerald green, skin matte red, and velvet white as the color tones. The materials used, such as pp materials and original G6 panels, embody the eco-friendly idea of the new original.

The realization technology behind the H20 series is impressive. The household door series is made of food-grade pp material, utilizing the flattening edge-banding process to form 22mm thick skin-like pp panel-hinged doors. The cabinet with self-developed original G6 panels has a strong antibacterial effect, ensuring safety. The wine display shelf and open cabinet module blend in with the brand logo, providing an elegant and comfortable visual experience.

Technical specifications of the H20 series include a 2700mm high mountain emerald green door panel with a handle in the same color tone, allowing for a straightener-free installation. The transparent resin wine shelf, relying on the "suspension system," creates a light and stylish space tone. It offers high design dimensions and customization freedom, enabling free variable size adjustment to meet the customization needs of both small and large households.

The H20 series is not only visually appealing but also functional. The outward convex glass cabinet in the cloakroom and the cabinet body serve as an integrated exhibition and display area, perfect for showcasing prized possessions. The red wine shelf, tilted at a 45° angle, provides both storage and display options. The overhung structure can be used as an open wine display shelf or placed inside the cabinet, adding versatility to the design.

The H20 series was developed with meticulous research and faced challenges in the custom industry's centralized supply chain ports. To overcome this, the designers incorporated transparent and eco-friendly resin material panels with the "H" brand symbol embossed on the surface. Paired with the suspension system, this design choice highlights the high-end luxury quality of the series.

The H20 series was completed in August 2022 in Guangzhou, following extensive research in interior space design. The designers aimed to reshape the 20-year classic with modern design techniques, conducting market research and analyzing sales data. The result is a collection that continues the original and eco-friendly concept, utilizing food-grade pp film as the new decorative material and developing the original G6 panel for an attractive appearance and stable internal structure.

The H20 series has received recognition for its outstanding design. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This accolade is bestowed upon designs that demonstrate creativity, resourcefulness, and technical skills, contributing to quality of life improvements and making the world a better place.

Image Credits: Guangzhou Holike Creative Home Co.,Ltd.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Guangzhou Holike Creative Home Co.,Ltd.
Image Credits: Guangzhou Holike Creative Home Co.,Ltd.
Project Team Members: Lini Lin, Liang Wang and Yongsheng Xie
Project Name: H20 Series
Project Client: Guangzhou Holike Creative Home Co.,Ltd.

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