Galaxy Light: A Concept Car Fusing High Tech and Ripple Aesthetics

Geely Auto Group's Award-Winning Design Embodies Chinese Aesthetics and Future Technology

Geely Auto Group Holding Co., Ltd presents the Galaxy Light, a concept car that blends high tech with the ripple aesthetics iconic to Geely. This smart electric coupe, awarded Platinum in A' Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design Award in 2023, is a testament to the power of design and innovation.

The Galaxy Light is a refreshing departure from the typical electric vehicle (EV) designs. It is a synthesis of high tech and the ripple aesthetic, a super sign for Geely rooted in Chinese civilization and aesthetics. The design of this concept car is a seamless blend of dream and experience, offering a unique aesthetic appeal to modern consumers.

What sets the Galaxy Light apart is its extended body, low center of gravity, and a holistic approach to design. The designers focused on integrating high tech exterior and function while elevating the interior with intuitive AI interaction and a Chinese romantic style. The result is a comfortable and futuristic space that offers users a taste of a better life, cultural charm, and truly smart ecology.

The Galaxy Light is more than just a concept car; it is a cozy space that consolidates high tech and Chinese culture. Its butterfly doors and large foldable curved display visually echo the high tech exterior. The interior decor, featuring bluish leather, bamboo fiber carpets, and ripple patterns inspired by the West Lake, effortlessly invites nature into the tranquil and elegant space.

The interaction with the Galaxy Light is designed to be safe and intelligent. The touch screen supports a free switch of diverse functions and six scenario modes. The in-vehicle operating system can automatically switch to the frequently accessed mode via intelligent learning. All the displays in an encircling arrangement form an immersive giant screen to offer all users independent access to entertainment and support one-click message push, ensuring safe driving while achieving technological and emotional enjoyment.

The design and development of the Galaxy Light started in June 2022 and was completed in November 2022 in Shanghai, China. It was then exhibited in Hangzhou, China, in February 2023. The design of Galaxy Light is a vivid representation of Chinese aesthetic, striking an optimal balance and integration of various functions. It is a valuable smart electric car at the juxtaposition of inheritance and innovation, technology and culture, while balancing the aesthetic appeal, performance, and user experience.

The Galaxy Light is a testament to the power of design and innovation. It is a concept car that not only serves as a means of mobility but also doubles as a carrier of culture and aesthetics. With its award-winning design, the Galaxy Light is set to redefine the future of electric vehicles.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Geely Auto Group Holding Co., Ltd
Image Credits: Geely Auto Group Holding Co., Ltd
Project Team Members: Zheng Chen Haifeng Qin Boqing Wu Chuanxi He Zi Ye
Project Name: Galaxy Light
Project Client: Geely Auto Group Holding Co., Ltd

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Galaxy Light IMG #5

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