Hongqi E-HS9: An Epitome of Electric Elegance

Wei Yu, Lixue Wang and Zhenjiang Sun's Innovative Approach to Electric SUV Design

Unveiling the Hongqi E-HS9, a full electric SUV designed by Wei Yu, Lixue Wang and Zhenjiang Sun. This design, inspired by the evolving networked electric vehicle industry, embodies a unique blend of high performance, intelligence, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

The Hongqi E-HS9 is a testament to the designers' commitment to green intelligence. The SUV is equipped with independently developed systems such as "QiYi", "QiSi" and "QiAn", supporting the Hongqi strategic model. The design is a result of the "double carbon" strategy, aiming to provide a unique driving and riding experience while ensuring safety.

What sets the Hongqi E-HS9 apart is its unique design language, "Shang Zhi Yi". The front cover embeds the flag into a straight waterfall front face, exuding an extremely noble aesthetic and family style. The chrome-plated decoration surrounded by C and D pillars, inspired by Chinese classical totem ring fish, enhances the strength and sense of technology. The taillight design elegantly blends vertically and horizontally, making it highly recognizable.

The SUV is equipped with a high-performance ternary lithium-ion power battery, boasting an acceleration time of 4.8 seconds for 100 kilometers and up to 700 kilometers of NECD cruising range. The vehicle also features a number of innovative technologies including intelligent driving, AR-HUD, and wireless charging of power batteries, ensuring an easy driving experience across different road conditions.

The design also prioritizes user interaction. The vehicle is equipped with a Bluetooth digital key, allowing users to remotely control cars. The hidden handle pops up automatically when the hand approaches the door handle. Each passenger can choose their favorite entertainment scene or interact with multiple screens by touching the HD screen. Furthermore, the VR real-life navigation can project navigation and driving assistance information into the actual environment 7.5 meters away from the front windshield.

The Hongqi E-HS9 was designed in China and completed in December 2020. The design process involved rigorous research on Pure Electric Intelligent SUV and National Vehicle Safety Service. The main challenge faced was ensuring the electric safety of new energy vehicles. This was addressed by developing a full-coverage side battery protection structure made of ultra-high strength hot-formed steel. The design was awarded Platinum in A' Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design Award in 2023, recognizing its exceptional design and contribution to societal wellbeing.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: CHINA FAW GROUP CO., LTD.
Image Credits: CHINA FAW GROUP CO., LTD.
Project Team Members: Wei Yu, Lixue Wang, Zhenjiang Sun
Project Name: Hongqi E-HS9
Project Client: CHINA FAW GROUP CO., LTD.

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Hongqi E-HS9 IMG #5

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