Snyearth: The Intuitive Global Clock

A Revolutionary Way to Display World Time

Snyearth is a groundbreaking design that reimagines the way we view world time. Created by Xiaolong Li and Cheng Yao, this intuitive global clock provides a unique and visually appealing way to observe the time in different cities around the world.

The current method of displaying world time often involves multiple traditional clocks, which can be confusing and lack visual representation of the time difference between different places. Additionally, it is not possible to view the time of a specific region at will. Inspired by the concept of a hovering globe, Snyearth addresses these limitations by displaying the world time on a globe, allowing for a more intuitive representation of time in different regions.

What sets Snyearth apart is its ability to provide an effortless and intuitive way to observe the current time in any city. As time passes, the colorful time wheel reflects the light and shadow of the sky at the current moment, while the lights inside the globe simulate the alternation of day and night. With just a simple touch, Snyearth displays the accurate local time of the selected city.

The realization of Snyearth's design is made possible through advanced technology. The levitating part of the globe is stabilized in all directions using a combination of permanent magnets for gravitational force and electromagnets controlled by three axial Hall sensors for precise and real-time control of the repulsive force. Full-color LED lights placed strategically under the translucent ring window create a colorful and natural transition display effect. Inside the globe, a directional rotating light source ensures a realistic simulation of the Earth's day and night effect.

Snyearth's technical specifications include dimensions of 200mm x 200mm x 150mm, a battery capacity of 4000mAh, and a USB type-c power supply mode with an input of 5V / 2000mA. The design team, consisting of Xiaolong Li, Cheng Yao, Yiming Cheng, Zhengke Li, Sizhou Zhang, Shichao Huang, Yan Fang, and Haoye Dong, worked collaboratively to bring this innovative design to life.

Using Snyearth is a seamless experience. Users can simply touch the corresponding city location on the globe to display the local time of that city in real-time on the tray below. For those interested in comparing the time difference between multiple cities, Snyearth can automatically display the time difference between the selected cities.

The Snyearth project began in May 2022 in Shenzhen and concluded in September 2022 in Hangzhou. Throughout the design process, extensive research was conducted to analyze existing world clocks and identify their limitations. The design underwent multiple iterations and control experiments to ensure its effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Snyearth's internal structure posed a significant challenge during the design process. The use of maglev technology required careful arrangement of internal components to avoid electromagnetic disturbance while maintaining a compact and simple shape. Through several iterations, the design team successfully achieved an optimal structure scheme.

Snyearth has been recognized for its exceptional design and functionality. It was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Digital and Electronic Device Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges Snyearth's well-designed, practical, and innovative features that meet professional and industrial requirements. The product's integration of industry best practices and competent technical characteristics contributes to a better world.

In conclusion, Snyearth revolutionizes the way we perceive world time. With its intuitive display, effortless operation, and captivating design, Snyearth is a testament to the power of innovation and technology in enhancing our everyday lives.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Xiaolong Li
Image Credits: Xiaolong Li
Project Team Members: Xiaolong Li Cheng Yao Yiming Cheng Zhengke Li Sizhou Zhang Shichao Huang Yan Fang Haoye Dong
Project Name: Snyearth
Project Client: Xiaolong Li

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Snyearth IMG #5

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