Shinji Yaoita's Award-Winning Sake Packaging Design

Commemorating 180 Years of Tradition with Innovative Design

Shinji Yaoita, a renowned designer, has created a unique packaging design for Hasegawa Sake Brewery, celebrating its 180th anniversary. The design, which won the Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, beautifully merges tradition and innovation.

Yaoita's design inspiration came from the rich history and traditional taste of the brewery, which has been passed down for 180 years. The main visual element of the packaging is a "tree ring," symbolizing the brewery's history and future. The overall color of the outer box, inspired by ink painting, exudes a sense of tradition and luxury. The commemorative logo, printed in gold, harmonizes with the family crest of the brewery, while the contrasting black bottle inside conveys the weight of tradition and technology.

The Hasegawa Sake Brewery, located in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, has been in operation for over 180 years. Its building is registered as a Japanese cultural heritage site. This special sake was produced to commemorate the 180th anniversary of the company's founding, making the packaging design all the more significant.

The realization of Yaoita's design vision was not without challenges. The printing of the outer box proved difficult, with many printing companies failing to meet the desired quality. However, through collaboration with Takakuwa Art Printing Co., an experienced company specializing in box printing, the problem was successfully resolved. The final product is a testament to the power of collaboration and perseverance in the face of technical challenges.

The design also had to strike a balance between tradition and novelty. While the product is well-known in the region and boasts a rich history, consumers were growing tired of the same design. Therefore, Yaoita's design aimed to inject a sense of newness while still honoring tradition and luxury. The result is a packaging design that not only appeals to consumers but also accurately represents the brewery itself.

Yaoita's design was awarded the Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, a prestigious honor given to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that demonstrate outstanding expertise and innovation. This recognition underscores the design's strong technical characteristics, splendid artistic skill, and remarkable level of excellence.

In conclusion, Shinji Yaoita's packaging design for Hasegawa Sake Brewery is a masterful blend of tradition and innovation. It not only commemorates the brewery's 180-year history but also looks forward to its future, embodying the essence of the brewery in a visually stunning and meaningful way.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Shinji Yaoita
Image Credits: Shinji Yaoita
Project Team Members: Printing: Takakuwa Art Printing Co.
Project Name: Japanese Sake
Project Client: Shinji Yaoita

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Japanese Sake IMG #5

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