Literkolekcja: A Photobook Celebrating the Art of Typography

Unveiling the Beauty of Letter Expression in Public Spaces

Inspired by the diverse forms of lettering, typography, and calligraphy found in public spaces, Aleksandra Toborowicz presents "Literkolekcja," a captivating photobook that showcases the artistry and creativity of these unique expressions. With over 800 raw and unfiltered photographs taken across the globe, this project offers a visual narrative that celebrates the imperfections and beauty of typography in various cultures.

From street signs and graffiti to typeface design and visual identification, "Literkolekcja" captures the essence of letter expression in its many forms. The collection features examples from Poland, Europe, and even Arab countries, showcasing the diverse cultural influences on typography. Toborowicz's deliberate choice to document both professional graphic designs and random combinations creates a captivating story within the pages of the photobook.

One of the standout features of "Literkolekcja" is its unique cover design. The table of contents extends beyond the bleed and passes through the spine, offering a glimpse into the captivating content within. The texts in the book faithfully reproduce the inscriptions found in the photographs, including all errors and imperfections. This intentional agitation of the text reflects the raw and authentic nature of the typography captured in the photos.

The album's Swiss binding allows it to lay flat, enhancing the viewing experience and making it easier to appreciate the photographs. With 383 stunning images spread across 416 pages, "Literkolekcja" invites readers to immerse themselves in the world of typography and letter expression.

Published by Wydawnictwo ASP w Krakowie and printed by Drukarnia Petit, this photobook is a testament to Toborowicz's dedication to documenting and sharing the beauty of typography. Its compact format of 16.5 x 16.5 cm makes it a convenient and visually appealing addition to any design enthusiast's collection.

By sharing these documented forms of character-letters from different cultures, "Literkolekcja" aims to inspire art and graphic design students, as well as typeface designers, to create new and innovative typefaces. The project serves as a catalyst for creativity and encourages the exploration of typography as an art form.

Grzegorz Kwiek is credited for the stunning photographs featured in the album, capturing the essence of letter expression in its raw and unfiltered form. Their contribution adds depth and authenticity to the visual narrative presented in "Literkolekcja."

In recognition of its exceptional design and contribution to the field of print and published media, "Literkolekcja" was awarded the prestigious Iron A' Design Award in 2023. This accolade highlights the photobook's well-designed, practical, and innovative nature, meeting the highest professional and industrial standards. It is a testament to Toborowicz's commitment to excellence and her contribution to the world of art and design.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Aleksandra Toborowicz
Image Credits: photos of album: Grzegorz Kwiek
Project Team Members: Aleksandra Toborowicz
Project Name: Literkolekcja
Project Client: Aleksandra Toborowicz

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Literkolekcja IMG #5

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