Odaya Home: Luxury Packaging for Artisanal Bed Linen

Reflecting Craftsmanship and Symbolism

Odaya Home, a leading artisanal bed linen company, unveils its exquisite packaging designed by Elena Gamalova.

Odaya Home, known for its fine handcrafted bed linens, has taken its commitment to luxury and elegance to the next level with its new packaging. Designed by Elena Gamalova, the packaging reflects the centuries-old traditions of fine needlework and the strong symbolism of textile ornaments.

The inspiration behind the packaging comes from the peacock, a bird admired for its beauty and a symbol of core family values. The peacock is not only a brand illustration and symbol but also the inspiration behind Odaya's iconic first textile collection, Care and Love. Recreated in gold foil, the peacock on the packaging exudes eternal beauty and value.

The objective of the packaging design was to convey a sense of uniqueness, timelessness, and craftsmanship. Similar to the handcrafted textile products contained within, the packaging needed to evoke the elegance and grace of lace and woven fabrics of exquisite quality. Impeccable details were incorporated to ensure that the packaging itself became a mark of status and a story to tell.

The packaging consists of paper boxes with a gold foil stamped logo on the top. Inside, delicate tissue paper with a printed pattern provides a tender wrap for the fine cotton sateen fabric. A transparent sticker with a gold foil monogram of the brand adds a touch of sophistication. The packaging is completed with a ribbon printed with the logo in gold.

Not only does the packaging serve as a beautiful presentation for the artisanal bed linens, but it also has a practical purpose. The boxes can be reused to treasure memories, store letters, postcards, or small collectible objects.

The Odaya Home packaging project started in June 2022 and was completed in March 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It involved extensive research into European heritage ornaments and craftsmanship techniques in the textile arts. The design team delved into printed archives, visited libraries, museums, and artists' homes to recreate heritage symbols and empower local artisans.

Odaya Home's packaging has received recognition for its exceptional design. It was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in 2023, which honors well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. The packaging stands out for its integration of industry best practices, competent technical characteristics, and contribution to a better world.

Elena Gamalova, the designer behind Odaya Home's luxury packaging, has demonstrated her talent for combining tradition, symbolism, and modern aesthetics. With this packaging, Odaya Home continues to establish itself as a leader in the artisanal bed linen industry, offering not only exceptional products but also an unforgettable experience.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Elena Gamalova
Image Credits: Illustration and design: Elena Gamalova, 2023 Video Credits: ODAYA Home
Project Team Members: Elena Gamalova
Project Name: Odaya Home
Project Client: Elena Gamalova

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