Prakrishi: A Revolution in Honey Packaging

Vishal Vora's Award-Winning Design Balances Aesthetics and Information

Prakrishi, a unique honey packaging design by Vishal Vora, has won the prestigious Silver A' Packaging Design Award in 2023. This design, recognized for its creativity and professional excellence, introduces a new visual language in the world of packaging.

Vora's design inspiration stemmed from the minimalistic approach of the flagship brand, using white space and essential graphics to tell a compelling story. The design features six distinct flavored honeys under the mother brand Prakrishi. The uniqueness of the design lies in its visual device - the aesthetic representation of bee wings. This not only creates an eye-catching graphic but also provides sufficient visual information for the consumer to make an informed decision at the shelf.

The design is a departure from the usual depictions of bees in their natural avatar. Instead, the bee is transformed into a heart-warming messenger, adding a touch of warmth and charm to the packaging. The design was realized using a glass bottle as the primary container, with the bottle label and lid cover printed on natural white textured paper.

One of the major challenges Vora faced was creating a product extension for the mother brand Prakrishi, which has several other segments under it. The design had to maintain a fine balance - it needed to have a distinguished identity as a product segment without straying too far from the flagship brand's visual grammar. The project was designed completely in the design studio, from the sourcing of the bottle to the selection of the exact paper to achieve the desired result.

The project started in January 2021 in India and was completed in March 2021. The design process involved understanding the consumer mindset and the needs of the market. A complete set of mock-ups was given to the printer to ensure the right result. The design specifications are a height of 180mm, width of 100mm, and depth of 100mm.

Vora's Prakrishi design is a testament to the power of simplicity and the importance of visual communication in packaging. It's not just about containing the product; it's about telling a story, engaging the consumer, and ultimately, making an informed decision. This design is a shining example of how packaging can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, a true revolution in the world of honey packaging.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Vishal Vora
Image Credits: Vishal Vora (Sol Benito)
Project Team Members: Vishal Vora
Project Name: Prakrishi
Project Client: Vishal Vora

Prakrishi IMG #2
Prakrishi IMG #3
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Prakrishi IMG #5

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