Paper Forest: Bringing Nature to Your Desk

A Stress-Relieving Solution for Urban Life

Stressful urban life, epidemics, and social networking have always been sources of tension and stress for many of us. In response, Joe Wong Man Hon, a renowned paper art designer, has created Paper Forest, a unique decoration sticker that brings lush greenery to any space, instantly.

Paper Forest is the perfect solution for those who want to bring nature into their work and life but lack the time, knowledge, perseverance, or love required to care for real plants. With just five minutes, you can "plant" these paper forest stickers anywhere, transforming your desk into a green oasis and providing a sense of calm and tranquility.

What sets Paper Forest apart is its ability to bring greenery to any place at any time, without the need for water, sunlight, fertilizer, or soil. These stickers remain lush and green indefinitely, allowing anyone to easily incorporate nature into their work environment and alleviate stress and anxiety. To enhance their integration into our lives, the designer has also developed a series of accessories.

Joe Wong Man Hon collaborated with paper artists to create Paper Forest, taking paper art as the core of the design. The traditional art of paper-cutting has been reinterpreted and treated with laser technology, resulting in a fashionable appearance that showcases the precision and randomness found in nature. The use of paper as the sole material reflects the designer's commitment to environmental sustainability, while the involvement of disabled individuals in the production process highlights the product's social responsibility.

Measuring approximately 70mm(W) x 20mm(D) x 70mm(H), Paper Forest stickers are compact and versatile, allowing users to easily place them in any desired location. Their operation is simple and requires no maintenance. No water, sunlight, fertilization, or soil is needed for these stickers to stay green and vibrant.

The project to develop Paper Forest began in April 2020 in Hong Kong and was completed in November 2021. The product was launched in Asia in March 2022, offering individuals a unique way to bring nature into their lives.

Recognized for its innovative design and practicality, Paper Forest received the Iron A' Design Award in the Art and Stationery Supplies category in 2023. This prestigious award is given to well-designed creations that meet professional and industrial requirements, providing fulfillment and positive feelings while contributing to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Wong Man Hon, Joe
Image Credits: Image #1: Photographer Joe Wong, JWD, 2021. Image #2: Photographer Joe Wong, JWD, 2021. Image #3: Photographer Joe Wong, JWD, 2021. Image #4: Photographer Joe Wong, JWD, 2021. Image #5: Photographer Joe Wong, JWD, 2021.
Project Team Members: Paper Art Designer: Joe Wong
Project Name: Paper Forest
Project Client: Wong Man Hon, Joe

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Paper Forest  IMG #5

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