Cuiwan Zhongcheng: A Glimpse into the Future of Community Architecture

Arch Age Design's Award-Winning Project Showcases Innovative Design and Sustainable Practices

Arch Age Design's latest project, Cuiwan Zhongcheng, offers a unique perspective on future community architecture. The design, which won the Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023, is a testament to the firm's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the creation of spaces that foster connection and communication.

The Cuiwan Zhongcheng project is located at the junction of two plots, unfolding towards the city and showcasing future architecture, traffic, neighborhood, and various other life scenes in a future community. It functions as a demonstration area in its early stages and will later serve as a community center. The design draws inspiration from the concept of the "Ring of Infinity - Mobius," introducing an abstract interpretation of an infinite four-dimensional form into a three-dimensional space. This approach creates a continuous, multi-dimensional, open, free, and art park-like venue where citizens can freely communicate with each other.

All materials used in the project are low-carbon, environment-friendly, and recyclable. The building is dominated by a steel structure, with hyperboloid aluminum plates applied to the external walls. These plates are customized by the factory and then assembled on-site, reducing environmental pollution. The external walls seem to grow in a three-dimensional world, reflecting the architecture's energy and potential, much like a seed.

The project, which spans 22,905.60 sq. ft., has a net density of 24%. It was designed to function as a pedestrian bridge and a community center, taking into account present and future utilization needs. The design centers on future dwellers, using visualization techniques to meet property buyers' spiritual needs and interact with them, aiming to evoke resonance.

The project began in October 2020 and was completed in September 2021 in Zhengzhou, China. The design process involved extensive research, focusing on the conditions outside the site boundary line and considering landscapes, roads, urban resources, and surroundings. This approach allowed for the creation of a design full of unexpected surprises and room for future possibilities.

One of the main challenges faced during the design process was the exploration of deeper needs for future communities. Many projects have turned future communities into ecological residences, but Arch Age Design chose to focus on the dwellers themselves. This approach led to the formation of a complete design logic of "future - youth - a sense of instability - architecture's visualized expression - incorporation of future life scene".

The Cuiwan Zhongcheng project is a testament to Arch Age Design's commitment to innovative and sustainable design. The project's success, as evidenced by its Platinum A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award, showcases the firm's ability to push boundaries and create spaces that not only meet the needs of their users but also contribute to a more sustainable and connected future.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Arch-Age-Design (AAD)
Image Credits: Schranimage
Project Team Members: Xiao Qun Yang Chao Ran Chaofeng Jia Dong Liu Ran Xu Xianwen
Project Name: Cuiwan Zhongcheng
Project Client: Arch-Age-Design (AAD)

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Cuiwan Zhongcheng IMG #5

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