Softline: A Playful Twist on Coffee Drinking Culture

Adding a Touch of Playfulness to Your Coffee Routine

The Softline coffee cup and bowl, designed by Ahmet Osman Peker, aims to bring a unique and playful experience to coffee drinking culture. With its different color combinations, glossy and matte surfaces, and a wide range of color options, this design allows you to choose a mug that suits your personal style and preferences. But Softline offers more than just aesthetics; it also prioritizes portability and versatility, making it a must-have for coffee addicts on the go.

Softline mugs are designed to be portable, thanks to their silicone lids. This feature not only allows you to take your coffee with you wherever you go but also transforms the mug into a storage container or bowl. Whether you need a container for your granola, fruit salad, or smoothie, Softline has got you covered. This multifunctional design offers users numerous advantages, making it a practical and convenient choice.

What sets Softline apart from other coffee mugs is its unique theme, "To go Mug." This design is not only suitable for drinking coffee but also doubles as a bowl. The silicone cover provides heat insulation, ensuring that your food or coffee stays at the desired temperature. Additionally, Softline's different color combinations and glossy and matte surfaces add a touch of fun to your coffee-drinking experience.

When it comes to the production process, Softline glasses are made using a combination of porcelain and silicone shaping. The glasses take their color from a specially developed reactive glaze technique, which not only ensures vibrant and eye-catching colors but also uses environmentally friendly and healthy materials. The result is a collection of mugs that are not only visually appealing but also safe for daily use.

The Softline collection consists of two types of volumes, conforming to the 300cc and 350cc "To go" mug standards. The 300cc mug can also be used as a bowl, adding to its versatility. With Softline, you can be your own barista at home, using forms suitable for every kind of coffee and products that enhance the flavors you desire.

The Softline collection was developed in Istanbul, Turkey, during the winter of 2021. The design process involved extensive research to ensure that the mugs met the needs and preferences of coffee lovers. One key finding was that coffee lovers enjoy their coffee hot, which led to the design of a lid with a 3-degree angle drinking hole. This feature prevents lips from burning and enhances the overall coffee-drinking experience.

Another important aspect of the Softline design is its commitment to sustainability. The goal was to reduce the use of paper cups and plastic containers in the food and beverage industry. By offering a reusable alternative to disposable cups, Softline aims to contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Softline collection not only offers a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for coffee lovers but also aligns with the principles of sustainability. The combination of porcelain and silicone, along with the individually recyclable parts, makes Softline an environmentally friendly choice.

Acknowledging its outstanding design and creativity, the Softline collection was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware, and Cookware Design category in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes designs that demonstrate resourcefulness, technical skill, and a commitment to improving quality of life.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Ahmet Osman PEKER
Image Credits: Ahmet Osman PEKER
Project Team Members: Ahmet Osman Peker
Project Name: Softline
Project Client: Ahmet Osman PEKER

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