Gui Jiu Shi Jia: A Unique Alcoholic Beverage Packaging Design

Reflecting the Essence of Gui Culture

The Gui Jiu Shi Jia design, created by Yunlin Dai and Weiliang Tao, is a remarkable example of alcoholic beverage packaging that beautifully captures the essence of Gui culture. Inspired by the Tao Te Ching and the principles of squareness and roundness, this design combines unique patterns, shapes, and colors to create a product that is both visually striking and deeply meaningful.

The square-shaped front of the bottle, when viewed from the top, reveals a harmonious blend of squareness and roundness. This design choice symbolizes the principles of life and wisdom, representing firmness and flexibility. The Gui Jiu Shi Jia design encapsulates the universe, heaven and earth, and life itself, embodying profound philosophy and mystery.

What sets this design apart is its reflection of the Gui cultural system, which is synonymous with nobility. The bottle label features the iconic "batik welcoming bird" pattern from Guizhou, symbolizing hospitality. The square shape with a circular element corresponds to the inner spirit of Gui culture, effectively showcasing the unique philosophy and quality of the product.

The realization of the Gui Jiu Shi Jia design involved a meticulous combination of design, technology, and craftsmanship. The cover features a split digital correlation design, with a sprayed and coated finish and a leather-covered neck sleeve. The bottle itself is designed to enhance its volume, achieved through a combination of spraying, baking, and brushing techniques. The box, made from special paper and fiberboard, is adorned with A-grade positive double gray, silver foil inner stickers, metal signage, and flocked EVA, showcasing exquisite craftmanship through UV printing, screen printing, and bronzing.

The Gui Jiu Shi Jia bottle measures 192mm x 110mm x 62mm, while the box dimensions are 145mm x 78mm x 260mm. These specifications ensure that the design is visually appealing and practical for consumers.

The Gui Jiu Shi Jia design incorporates a four-code correlation technology, providing enhanced security and protection against counterfeiting. This technology, combined with the split structure of the bottle, is a patented innovation that sets this design apart from others in the industry. By prioritizing authenticity and user confidence, this design not only showcases its high-end appearance and profound connotation but also demonstrates the status and taste of its users.

The Gui Jiu Shi Jia design project began in November 2021 in Nanjing, Jiangsu, and was completed in November 2022. Throughout the design process, extensive research was conducted to ensure the product's alignment with refined and high-end lifestyles. The Gui Jiu Shi Jia brand aims to excel in preserving ethnic cultures and embodying the distinctive features of Guizhou. By defining the philosophy of "Gui" through subtle means, this design encapsulates the introverted, quiet, gentle, and honest beauty of Chinese Gui culture.

The Gui Jiu Shi Jia design overcame various creative, technical, and research challenges to achieve its goal of being high-end, value-added, fashionable, and experiential. By incorporating smart anti-counterfeiting measures and innovative structures and processes, this design stands out from the competition. The brand's support from various aspects, such as its high-end quality, unique 550ml capacity, intelligent anti-counterfeiting technology, and patented innovations, ensures the product's uniqueness and differentiation.

Gui Jiu Shi Jia is a design that celebrates the Gui culture's regional characteristics, history, craft style, and philosophy. With its circular shape within a square, hospitable bird pattern, mysterious purple color, and exquisite surface texture, this design achieves a harmonious balance between internal quality and external properties. It serves as a testament to the Gui culture's pursuit of excellence and its perceptible and vivid regional identity.

The Gui Jiu Shi Jia design was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Packaging Design category in 2023. This prestigious accolade recognizes well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. The Gui Jiu Shi Jia design stands out for its integration of industry best practices, competent technical characteristics, and its contribution to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Wen Liu
Image Credits: Wen Liu
Project Team Members: Liandong Zhang、Huashuang Liu、Zhaoxin Zhu
Project Name: Gui Jiu Shi Jia
Project Client: Wen Liu

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Gui Jiu Shi Jia IMG #5

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