Digi Wave: A Coastal-Inspired Residence

Bringing the Ocean Waves Indoors

Echoing the outdoor coastal scenery, designer Pei Yun Wu takes the ocean tidal waves as the theme for the Digi Wave residence. Cleverly integrating wave elements and elegant arc lines in the color, moving line, storage, and material details, this design wonderfully interprets the new generation of coastal holiday life from a modern luxury and environmentally friendly perspective.

The entryway of the Digi Wave residence is designed with the arc craft of plated titanium plate, cleverly hiding the beam and column and leading the direction of the moving line smoothly and tactfully. This design choice not only creates a seamless flow but also extends the material and light belt, bringing a vast field of vision indoors. The dining area, strategically moved to the French window, offers a panoramic natural sea view, perfect for seaside banquets and parties.

The interior furniture design of the Digi Wave residence draws inspiration from the harbor and ships, with a DJ console serving as the focal point. With the flow and rhythm of indoor music, the lights flicker and change, creating a dynamic and immersive experience. The entrance of the secondary bedroom integrates the shape of a cabin door, perfectly complementing the two-sided sea view in the bedroom and evoking a sense of leisurely sailing in daily life.

One of the notable features of the Digi Wave residence is the entrance of the entryway storage room, which has been moved from the kitchen area to the entryway. This adjustment allows for the direct and efficient completion of large storage functions when entering or leaving the house, meeting the public health needs of the epidemic era.

The Digi Wave residence, with its unique design and coastal-inspired elements, is a 320-square-meter house located in Taiwan. The project started in 2020 and was completed in June 2021. The design team meticulously researched and incorporated arc shapes in the master bedroom, creating a special layout that became the theme feature. The dressing room was divided to provide a comfortable square space in the sleeping area, while dark wood veneer, marble stone blocks, indigo cloth, and titanium linear elements were carefully selected to create a fashionable and delicate atmosphere.

The Digi Wave residence successfully overcame creative and technical challenges to realize the seaside banquet and party scene. By moving the dining area to the French window, the design team ensured a breathtaking natural sea view, while transforming the original dining area into a DJ console inspired by harbor and ship. With the interplay of music and lighting, this space truly comes alive.

The Digi Wave residence, with its wave-like arc lines and coastal-inspired elements, brings a flowing and lightsome feeling to the water's edge. The furniture design, inspired by harbors and ships, adds to the trendy atmosphere of a coastal vacation. This exceptional design was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This accolade recognizes the outstanding creativity and resourcefulness of the Digi Wave residence, which incorporates best practices in art, science, design, and technology, contributing to improvements in quality of life.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Wu Pei Yun
Image Credits: Wu Pei Yun
Project Team Members: Wu Pei Yun
Project Name: Digi Wave
Project Client: Wu Pei Yun

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Digi Wave IMG #5

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