BLS World: A Skyward Statement in Eastern China

SEA Design Group's Towering Achievement in Urban Architecture

SEA Design Group's BLS World Trade Center, a mixed-use complex in Eastern China, redefines Haining's city skyline with its 268m-high tower. The design, which won the Silver A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023, combines art, technology, and nature to create a landmark that stimulates growth and vitality.

The inspiration for BLS World Trade Center comes from the desire to offer unparalleled workspace and luxury hotel accommodations in Eastern China. The tower building soars upwards, reflecting the strength and rapid economic growth of the city. The neat curtain walls are rhythmic and dynamic, and the iconic tower crown, shaped by the upward-stretching building form, echoes Haining's rapid economic growth.

The unique properties of the design lie in its balance of economy with urban context. Art, technology, and nature are incorporated into the tower, generating a series of novel, fun spaces. The architects enhanced flexibility, variability, and fusion between spaces, and used parametric design approaches to ensure compatibility between the high-cost, long-lifespan spaces and constant technological development.

The tower is realized through an all-glass curtain wall system, enhancing the building's integrality. The alteration between transparency and opaqueness of curtain walls offers flexibility for blocking or bringing in the outdoor environment. The plug-in unitized curtain wall system helps save energy. The podiums apply a curtain wall system of glazing and perforated aluminum sheets, showing a contrast of solidness and lightness.

The project comprises a tower and several podiums. The 51-floor tower mainly accommodates offices and a five-star hotel. The hotel is set on the higher levels, featuring a "Sky Lobby" and a "Sky Observatory" set at a height of 222.8 meters, which offers 360-degree aerial views of the cityscape. The podiums include commercial facilities, a conference center, and a media center. The whole complex is a mixed-use cultural & business center that integrates ecology, industry, tourism, and leisure.

The main challenge in the design process was building a convenient and efficient internal and external circulation system, due to the complex vertical traffic of the tower and complicated and interweaving circulation routes in the basement. However, SEA Design Group managed to ensure the convenient, orderly operation of various building functions.

In conclusion, SEA Design Group's BLS World Trade Center is a testament to the power of innovative architectural design. It not only redefines Haining's city skyline but also serves as a symbol of the city's rapid economic growth. The project is a shining example of how architecture can stimulate growth and vitality in a city.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: SEA Design Group
Image Credits: SEA Design
Project Team Members: SEA Design Group Hu Chen Li Xiaolan Wu Zhengyu Sheng Ting Liu Zhongwei Shi Jimin Yu Shijun Liu Jinnan Li Hegang Lin Chuzhong Wang Xin Wu Jie Ding Chun Zhao Tong
Project Name: BLS World
Project Client: SEA Design Group

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BLS World  IMG #5

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