Xiaosai: The Intelligent Guard Robot Redefining Tourism

Revolutionizing the Way We Experience Crowded Tourist Areas

Inspired by the need to address the challenges of overtourism, designer Ruichen Zeng introduces Xiaosai, an innovative intelligent robot that is set to transform the way we navigate and interact with crowded tourist destinations.

Government public administration agencies worldwide have been grappling with the negative impacts of overtourism on natural monuments and cultural relics. Traditional management measures such as warning signs and increased manpower have proven to be ineffective. Seeking a technological solution, Ruichen Zeng embarked on a mission to reduce the damage caused by overtourism, leading to the creation of Xiaosai, a groundbreaking guard robot.

What sets Xiaosai apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate multiple functions, including translation, explanation, navigation, and night patrol. This intelligent robot can effortlessly replace humans in performing technical tasks that are not excessively repetitive. Its compact size allows it to navigate through small spaces, making it an ideal companion for tourists in crowded areas.

The design of Xiaosai showcases its commitment to both functionality and aesthetics. The robot's shell and top are crafted from ABS with a painted metallic finish, while the bottom is made of polycarbonate, ensuring a lightweight yet durable construction. The top display area features an adjustable LCD screen, and the four moving wheels are made of TPE material for enhanced stability.

Interacting with Xiaosai is a breeze. Visitors can easily call nearby robots using voice commands or request assistance when the robot is available. The top screen provides navigation guidance, while the robot utilizes voice and screen explanations to enhance the visitor experience. To ensure safety, Xiaosai projects a warning line to prevent visitors from entering restricted areas during explanations. When the battery runs low, the robot confidently plans a route back to the charging pile for a quick recharge.

The Xiaosai project commenced in Zhengzhou, China, in June 2020 and was completed in December 2021. Throughout the design process, Ruichen Zeng conducted extensive research on artificial intelligence and its potential applications in the field of robotics. The development of Xiaosai posed several challenges, including the need for smaller and more powerful actuators and complex programming to achieve high-precision control.

The innovative design and functionality of Xiaosai have garnered recognition in the industry. The project was honored with the Iron A' Design Award in the Robotics, Automaton, and Automation Design category in 2023. This prestigious award celebrates well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements, contributing to a better world.

With Xiaosai, Ruichen Zeng has successfully combined technology and design to address the pressing issue of overtourism. This intelligent guard robot offers a promising solution to alleviate the strain on tourist destinations while providing visitors with a unique and interactive experience. As we embrace the power of innovation, Xiaosai paves the way for a more sustainable and enjoyable future of tourism.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Ruichen Zeng
Image Credits: Image#1: Creator Ruichen Zeng,designer,2022 Image#2: Creator Ye Wang, designer,2022 Image#3: Creator Jintao Zhou,designer,2022 Image#4: Creator Xinyuan Lu, designer,2022 Image#5: Creator Ye Wang, designer,2022
Project Team Members: Ruichen Zeng
Project Name: Xiaosai
Project Client: Ruichen Zeng

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