Widgtech Ashman: Revolutionizing Solar Panel Maintenance

Intelligent Photovoltaic Cleaning Car Wins Silver A' Design Award

Designed by Hao Huang and Xu Chen, the Widgtech Ashman is an innovative solution to the challenges of maintaining solar panels in large photovoltaic power plants. This intelligent photovoltaic cleaning car has been recognized with a Silver A' Design Award for its unique properties and advanced technology.

The Widgtech Ashman is a testament to the potential of green energy and the power of intelligent design. This cleaning vehicle is equipped with a pure electric drive and crawler chassis, featuring an intelligent pathfinding function. The central water tank has a 200-liter capacity, supporting the cleaning of thousands of square meters of photovoltaic panels. The mechanical arm, equipped with an image recognition module, atomizing water sprayer, and cleaning tow head, is controlled by the image recognition module to perform the cleaning work.

The inspiration behind this design comes from the challenges faced by the solar energy industry, particularly in northern region photovoltaic bases. Cleaning work in these areas has been a significant challenge due to environmental conditions and park size. The Widgtech Ashman aims to address these issues by adopting intelligent tracking and image recognition technology for unmanned cleaning work, saving manpower, controlling water usage, and ensuring cleaning efficiency and effect.

The design realization technology of the Widgtech Ashman is also noteworthy. The body and main arm structure of the cleaning vehicle are made of aluminum alloy by stamping, with two kinds of dark gray matte paint used for the appearance. The track is made of polyurethane polymer material by injection molding, which is lightweight, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

The Widgtech Ashman is not just a product of innovative design, but also of extensive research. The design team recognized that photovoltaic panels for power generation need regular cleaning to avoid reduced power generation efficiency or burning due to the hot spot effect. The solution was to create power-driven intelligent equipment for unmanned precise operation, which has significant advantages in areas with large scale, lack of water, and wind and sand dust.

The design was not without its challenges, particularly in the intelligent control of the cleaning vehicle. The intelligent recognition of the surface area of the photovoltaic panel was a significant hurdle, requiring the use of a deep convolution algorithm for identification learning and different sensors for auxiliary recognition to improve the equipment's availability.

The Widgtech Ashman's recognition with a Silver A' Design Award is a testament to the team's innovative approach and the potential of this design. The award is given to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that illustrate outstanding expertise and innovation. This intelligent photovoltaic cleaning car is a shining example of how design and technology can come together to address real-world challenges and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: sxdesign
Image Credits: sxdesign
Project Team Members: Hao Huang, Xu Chen, Qian Hao, Fangbo Wu, Zhihan Yuan, Yating Zhou, Ge Song, Junyi Wei, Rong Zhang
Project Name: Widgtech Ashman
Project Client: sxdesign

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Widgtech Ashman IMG #5

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