Revolutionizing Furniture Design: The "Relax" Chair

Meng Quan Wang's Innovative, Multi-Functional Furniture Piece

Introducing "Relax", a groundbreaking furniture design by Meng Quan Wang that redefines versatility. Inspired by traditional Chinese furniture, this award-winning piece is a testament to the fusion of culture, design, and innovation.

Meng Quan Wang's "Relax" is not just a chair, but a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be transformed into a leaning furniture and a coffee table. The design is rooted in the traditional Chinese mortise and tenon technique, a hallmark of Chinese furniture, combined with the modern need for versatile and space-saving solutions. This unique property sets "Relax" apart from other furniture designs, offering multiple uses in one single piece.

The "Relax" chair is meticulously crafted from black walnut, cotton cloth, and sponge, with dimensions of 620mmx550mmx720mm. The design is easily assembled and disassembled by one person, allowing for a simple transition between its various forms. This flexibility caters to different scenarios and needs, promoting a free lifestyle that meets both physical and mental needs.

The project was initiated in April 2018 in ShenZhen and saw its improvement in June 2022. The design is a modern interpretation of the ancient Chinese "Pingji", a furniture piece used for leaning when sitting on the ground. As sitting forms evolved and high-type furniture became prevalent, the "Pingji" gave way to chairs and benches. The "Relax" chair is a nod to this historical transition, embodying a simple yet distinctly Chinese aesthetic.

Addressing the challenge of limited space in modern apartments, particularly among mid-and top-earners in first-tier cities, the "Relax" chair offers a practical solution without compromising on style and cultural significance. It not only meets the requirements of modern furniture standardization but also encapsulates Chinese national characteristics and traditional culture.

The "Relax" chair has been recognized for its innovative design and cultural relevance, winning the Silver A' Furniture Design Award in 2023. The award is a testament to its outstanding expertise, innovation, and the positive feelings it evokes. It showcases a remarkable level of excellence and introduces a sense of amazement and wonder.

In conclusion, Meng Quan Wang's "Relax" chair is a revolutionary piece of furniture that marries tradition with modernity, functionality with design, and culture with innovation. It is a shining example of how design can transform everyday objects into extraordinary pieces that enhance our lifestyle and living spaces.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Meng Quan WANG
Image Credits: Meng Quan WANG
Project Team Members: Meng Quan WANG
Project Name: Relax
Project Client: Meng Quan WANG

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