Flow: A Revolutionary Approach to White Wine Packaging

Wei Sun's Award-Winning Design Advocates Healthy Drinking and Cherishing Time

Flow, a white wine packaging design by Wei Sun, has been awarded Silver in A' Packaging Design Award in 2023 for its innovative approach to promoting responsible drinking. The design, inspired by the hourglass symbol, represents the passage of time and encourages consumers to cherish life and health.

Wei Sun's design inspiration comes from the desire to remind people to cherish time and life. The hourglass shape of the bottle allows the wine to flow slowly, while the scale on the bottle serves as a reminder to enjoy alcohol responsibly. This unique design is a stark departure from traditional wine packaging, offering a tangible, three-dimensional hourglass that is both functional and impactful.

Flow's unique properties lie in its advocacy for healthy drinking. The bottle, designed with two layers of transparent glass, allows the consumer to see the inner hourglass container. The outer layer's simple shape and the inner hourglass container work together to promote the product concept of "healthy drinking and cherishing time".

The realization of this design was achieved through 3D printing technology. After creating a model with acrylic, the final product was presented with glass. The outer packaging is made of transparent PVC, with the text printed in spot color, and the logo and product name in embossed, frosted silver, and light silver.

The interaction with the design is also thoughtfully planned. The hourglass shape of the wine bottle allows the wine to flow slowly, and the scale on the bottle provides tactile feedback to the user. This design encourages the user to control the amount of alcohol poured into the glass, thereby limiting consumption.

The design project was initiated in Shenzhen in March 2020 and completed in September 2020. Wei Sun's research revealed that hundreds of thousands of people die from drinking in China every year, mostly due to excessive or uncontrolled drinking. This sobering fact inspired the creation of Flow, a design aimed at helping people drink responsibly.

Despite the challenges of creating a design that controls drinking behavior, Wei Sun has successfully introduced a product that truly cares about people's health. While it may take some time for users to adapt to this new way of consuming alcohol, the health benefits and the unique design make it worth the effort.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Wei Sun
Image Credits: Image #1-#5 Designer,Wei Sun,2020 3D modeling renderer,Mingran Wu,2020 3D modeling renderer,Jiaying Zheng,2020
Project Team Members: Wei Sun
Project Name: Flow
Project Client: Wei Sun

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Flow  IMG #5

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