Cyberize Home Cloud: Revolutionizing Data Management for Next-Gen Creators

Introducing a Hybrid Solution for Secure and Collaborative Digital Asset Management

The Cyberize Home Cloud is a cutting-edge network storage server designed by Li Wenkai, a renowned designer in the field. This innovative solution addresses the growing needs of consumers in creating, managing, collaborating, and entertaining digital assets in home scenarios. With its unique features and sleek design, Cyberize Home Cloud offers a new way for users to control, manage, and share personal data between devices and social networks.

Freelancing has become increasingly popular, with the global freelance workforce expected to reach 84.6 million by 2027. As more individuals work remotely, the need for efficient data management solutions has become paramount. Cyberize Home Cloud draws inspiration from the iconic Fallingwater, incorporating the golden ratio into its design. The use of aluminum alloy and transparent PC materials not only ensures aesthetic appeal but also facilitates heat dissipation. The rounded corners and gradient finish add an artistic touch while allowing for personalized customization with interchangeable accessories.

What sets Cyberize Home Cloud apart is its focus on speed, storage capacity, and collaboration. With data synchronization and sharing capabilities that are 10 times faster than public cloud services, this home cloud solution offers a seamless experience across various operating systems. By storing all data locally, Cyberize Home Cloud minimizes concerns related to data privacy, subscription fees, and traffic costs. Multiple Cyberize devices can be connected to create a real-time remote collaboration cloud, empowering creators to work together effortlessly.

Cyberize Home Cloud aims to redefine productivity tools for creators by introducing a new category. Recognizing the increasing integration of digital technologies in our daily lives, the design team identified the home as a primary productivity scene for freelancers and creators. By revolutionizing the home cloud category, Cyberize Home Cloud transforms how individuals interact and connect with the digital world and IoT devices.

The realization of Cyberize Home Cloud is made possible through cloud-native and P2P technologies. The precision manufacturing process involves CNC high-precision machine tools, 3D rotary polishing, anodization of the metal body, and gradient treatment of the transparent PC parts. The design ensures optimal heat dissipation with a 16mm distance between the main body and the ground, resulting in a quiet, energy-efficient, and long-lasting product.

Technical specifications of Cyberize Home Cloud include a product size of 160mm*175mm*77mm and a packaging size of 231mm*222mm*95mm. The HC system features an open application center supporting over 50 system-level applications, catering to diverse needs such as downloading, 4K movie center, data monitoring, OBS server, smart home integration, Minecraft Server, and Web3 asset management.

Operating Cyberize Home Cloud is simple and user-oriented, thanks to the dedicated cloud system CasaOS. Users can enjoy cross-platform synchronization and data sharing at Gigabit Ethernet speed, aggregate and manage scattered data from various cloud spaces, set up remote access for private cloud collaboration networks, and benefit from high-speed read/write capabilities through the USB-C port. The support for Apple Time Machine and version management, as well as batch preprocessing of image and video assets, further enhances the post-production workflow.

The Cyberize Home Cloud project was incubated in Shanghai, China, in 2022, with the appearance design finalized in January 2022 after more than three months of development. The production of the product is currently underway, promising to deliver a game-changing solution for creators worldwide.

Extensive research and exploration underpin the development of Cyberize Home Cloud. The team delved into various networks, literature, periodicals, and conducted questionnaires to gather insights. The Upwork website and CNKI were valuable sources of information, while a questionnaire survey involving participants aged 25 to 45, including computer geeks, designers, and IT engineers, provided valuable feedback. The findings revealed a significant demand for enhanced digital lives and data sovereignty among freelancers and creators.

The design process of Cyberize Home Cloud was not without its challenges. The team faced the daunting task of heat dissipation due to the fixed size of components. To overcome this, they adopted a fanless cooling design and raised the main body to create a 16mm gap between the device and the ground, ensuring efficient heat dissipation.

Cyberize Home Cloud is a desktop personal cloud that empowers next-gen creators with seamless data management. With its generous storage capacity, cross-platform synchronization, and remote access capabilities, this innovative solution offers a superior creative workflow at zero additional cost. Upgrade your data management experience and take full control of your digital assets with Cyberize Home Cloud.

Image Credits: Li Wenkai, Jiang Xiaoyu, Liu Qiang, Yu Dan (2022)

Awards and Accolades: Cyberize Home Cloud was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Digital and Electronic Device Design category in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes the design's practicality, innovation, and adherence to professional and industrial requirements. The Cyberize Home Cloud exemplifies excellence in integrating industry best practices and technical characteristics, contributing to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Wenkai Li
Image Credits: Li Wenkai Jiang Xiaoyu Liu Qiang Yu Dan, 2022
Project Team Members: Li Wenkai
Project Name: Cyberize Home Cloud
Project Client: Wenkai Li

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