The Pure Heart: A Design that Embraces Simplicity and Exploration

Creating a Pure and Lively Space for a Growing Family

The Pure Heart design by Hsiao Chi Chiang is a residential project that aims to provide a pure and carefree environment for a family with two young daughters. With limited window openings and lighting, the design team took on the challenge of renovating the first-floor space to create a lively atmosphere. By incorporating unique design elements and carefully chosen materials, they were able to transform the space into a haven of exploration and innocence.

The design team faced the challenge of beams at the corner of the living room and the window, which prevented the public area from forming a complete partition. To overcome this, they introduced a double-step couch that allowed the children to climb up and down, creating a theme of exploration. The sloped couch also echoed the angle of the TV wall, adding a dynamic element to the space. By slightly reducing the scale of the TV wall and extending the vision with a slanting angle, the living room appeared larger and more open. The beveled facade surrounding the living room further enhanced the sense of enclosure and warmth.

The choice of materials played a crucial role in creating the desired atmosphere. Terrazzo was used extensively throughout the space, providing a pure and carefree ambiance. The terrazzo TV wall, in particular, was created by applying and polishing stone on a wooden facade. The resulting holes and crevices added color and warmth to the otherwise pristine space. To balance the visual impact of the pink tones used throughout the room, the design team incorporated gold accents in the public area and gray in the private area, creating a harmonious and cohesive design.

Technical specifications of the project include a total area of 82.6 square meters, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a dining room. The design team enlarged the living room and reduced the study room, installing a U-shaped glass window between the two areas to increase natural lighting. The double-step couch with a transparent window created a lively environment, while the beveled TV wall served as a partition and storage solution. The beveled wall directed the vision to the dining room, enhancing the overall lighting of the space.

The Pure Heart design successfully creates a space that encourages exploration and embraces simplicity. By incorporating elements such as the double-step couch, beveled TV wall, and terrazzo materials, the design team has created a pure and carefree environment for the family. The use of pink tones, balanced with gold and gray accents, adds a touch of playfulness to the design. The result is a space that not only caters to the needs of the children but also provides spontaneity and freedom in the daily lives of the adults.

The Pure Heart project was completed in June 2021 in Taiwan, and it has received recognition for its outstanding design. It was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This award is a testament to the project's well-designed, practical, and innovative nature, meeting professional and industrial requirements. The Pure Heart design integrates industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, contributing to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Hsiao-Chi Chiang
Project Team Members: Hsiao-Chi Chiang
Project Name: The Pure Heart
Project Client: Hsiao-Chi Chiang

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