Revolutionizing Baijiu Packaging: The Jundao Guiniang

Liang Chen's Award-Winning Design Inspired by Chinese Landscape Art

Embodying the essence of traditional Chinese landscape painting, the Jundao Guiniang is a unique Baijiu packaging design by Liang Chen that seamlessly integrates cultural virtues and aesthetics. This article explores the inspiration, unique properties, and realization technology behind this award-winning design.

Chinese landscape painting, a traditional art form in the East, encapsulates a deep love for the country and the natural world, as well as moral beliefs of justice, benevolence, and integrity. These elements are beautifully expressed in the Jundao Guiniang, a Baijiu packaging design that skillfully integrates the production area's landscape into the painting, highlighting its cultural connotation.

The packaging design stands out for its unique incorporation of Chinese culture. The traditional Chinese ink painting on the high-end Baijiu packaging presents an image of a wonderland, with the painting's halo effect naturally indicating the Baijiu producing area's fine ecological environment. This design conveys a life attitude and cultural belief of loving the country, protecting the ecology, and inheriting the culture, thereby enhancing the product's cultural and artistic value.

The design realization technology is equally impressive. The enamel firing of ink painting applied on the hexagonal white ceramic bottle presents a landscape picture texture. The bronzing process outlines the Baijiu's exclusive origin terrain, with layers of rolling waves, highlighting the process details. The golden cap, designed as a personal seal, features the image of undulating mountains and meandering rivers, implying a harmonious ecological environment.

The design specifications include a box size of L 300mm* W 150mm * H 120mm and a bottle size of D 75mm * H 235mm. The design tags include Chinese Baijiu, Traditional Chinese ink painting, Packing Design, Gentleman, and Mountains and Rivers. The design team includes Creative Director Chen Liang, Chief Designer Chen Liang, and Finish Artist Yang Shilang.

The design project began in Shanghai, China, in August 2020 and was completed by early October 2020. It became available on the market on January 10, 2021. The project's research direction focused on the cultural connotation and spiritual pursuit, considering the Chinese Baijiu's association with culture, history, art, natural environment, and emotion. The biggest challenge was exploring and expressing the product's theme, requiring an appropriate Chinese traditional culture to establish a relationship with the product while realizing the specific conception in details and differentiating from competitors.

In conclusion, the Jundao Guiniang is a testament to Liang Chen's innovative approach to design, blending traditional Chinese art with modern packaging techniques. This design was awarded Silver in the A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation. The Jundao Guiniang is not just a packaging design; it's a cultural artifact that encapsulates the spirit of Chinese tradition and ecological harmony.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: SHANGHAI GUIJIU CO., LTD.
Image Credits: Creative Director:Chen Liang
Project Team Members: Creative Director:Chen Liang Chief Designer:Chen Liang Finish Artist:Yang Shilang
Project Name: Jundao Guiniang

Jundao Guiniang IMG #2
Jundao Guiniang IMG #3
Jundao Guiniang IMG #4
Jundao Guiniang IMG #5
Jundao Guiniang IMG #5

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