Champion: A Wine Cave by Hsin Ting Weng

Winner of the Silver A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023

Discover the unique design and inspiration behind Champion, a wine cave designed by Hsin Ting Weng, which won the prestigious Silver A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023.

The design of Champion is inspired by the process of winemaking, where every detail matters to the final outcome. Hsin Ting Weng, the designer behind this project, has created an interior design that sustains winemaking implications and uses a variety of indigenous materials. A dripping shape from the ceiling hints at the tears of wine, set against textured-painted backdrops. Upstairs, the combination of brass and rusty steelworks is inspired by the still, the apparatus of distillation.

What sets Champion apart from other designs is its unique properties. The ground floor features an intriguing masonry arrangement on the brick wall, where a bronze plate is meticulously inlaid, adding a modern touch. The bar station upstairs is situated at the core of the layout, providing a centralizing, moderate distance to serve every customer. Light and illumination not only delineate textures and material finishing but also imbue the space with British vibes. A continuity of arc can be seen on the logo, bar façade, and other elevation details from spaces, implementing the unison of corporate image.

The design realization technology of Champion is equally impressive. Seats are arranged in a variety of configurations to cater to different demographics of wine tasting. Transparent shelving displays a two-way interaction with customers and passersby. The integration of glass and polished stainless steel creates a carefree lightness at the interior, while the floating bottles seen from the exterior facet complement the facade lattice pattern. The flooring, encompassing various wood species colors, mingled with bronze inlays, creates an enhanced visuality.

Champion is a design that has been meticulously planned and executed. The construction area spans 148 square meters, and the design incorporates a variety of materials, including brick, brass, glass, stainless steel, and textured painting. The design team, led by Hsin Ting Weng, has created a space that works seamlessly, with the ground floor demarcated by functions of wine storage for 1000 bottles, bar station, and workspaces, and the upstairs dedicated to tasting and selling whisky.

The design of Champion was completed in May 2022 in Taichung city, Taiwan. The project faced several challenges, including building up a visually well-rounded conformity and a continuity of corporate image derivations. However, through experimentation and practice, the team was able to integrate multiple materials and craftsmanship without sacrificing function or aesthetics. The result is a design that not only focuses on pattern aesthetics but also includes practical purposes.

In conclusion, Champion is a testament to the creativity and expertise of Hsin Ting Weng and his team. The design, which was awarded Silver in the A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023, showcases a remarkable level of excellence and introduces positive feelings, amazement, and wonder. The copyrights belong to Ris Interior Design Co., Ltd., and the images are credited to YHLAA.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Hsin Ting Weng
Image Credits: YHLAA
Project Team Members: Hsin Ting Weng
Project Name: Champion
Project Client: Hsin Ting Weng

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Champion IMG #5

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