Ode to Everything: A Harmonious Blend of Nature and Design

An Interior Design Project by Zhimo Design

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Zhimo Design has created a stunning interior space that pays homage to the wonders of the earth. With its curved forms, tender lighting, and clever spatial planning, this residence in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is a true ode to everything.

All creatures on the planet earth are spiritual, and this interior design project aims to bring that spirituality into the living space. Located on an upper floor with a view of North Dawu Mountain, the design incorporates curved forms in the ceiling and flooring, mimicking the lines of mountains and rivers. The result is a space that exudes a sense of harmony and tranquility.

The use of light is another key element in this design. The flowing, overlapping, and extending light creates a magical spatial interaction, adding to the overall rhythm of the space. The designer's clever interior mobility and layout planning ensure that the limited space is both functional and comfortable.

The color palette chosen for this project is earthy and elegant, with a combination of earth tones and pure white creating a simple yet sophisticated atmosphere. The marble-tiled entryway sets the tone, while an iridescent glass screen delineates the area and allows light to permeate through, creating a spacious and bright visual experience.

The public shared living area features different textures and materials, with iron lines defining the flooring and tiles adding depth. The TV wall continues the marble texture, harmonizing with the black coffee table in the living room. A multi-patterned carpet serves as a focal point, highlighting the primary spatial feature.

In the dining room, the designer incorporates feng shui principles by using sandblasted glass to depict hexagrams on the background wall. The kitchen area is separated by a low wall, providing visual extension while maintaining the exclusiveness of the space. The bedroom continues the earthy color scheme, creating a calm and serene atmosphere for a restful sleep.

Throughout the design, the focus is on creating a seamless flow of light, sight, and air. The cabinets are cleverly designed with beams and columns, providing ample storage space while symbolizing the homeowner's limitless aspirations. The air conditioning is discreetly placed above some cabinets to maintain the height of the interior space and ensure a comfortable living environment.

Completed in June 2022, this interior design project by Zhimo Design showcases the perfect blend of nature and design. By incorporating natural elements and harmonizing distinct textures and energies, the design creates a space that is not only visually stunning but also functional and comfortable.

With its unique approach to interior design, Ode to Everything has been recognized with an Iron A' Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award celebrates well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. Zhimo Design's creation has truly contributed to a better world through its integration of industry best practices and competent technical characteristics.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Tsung Lin Tsai
Image Credits: Steven Huang, 2022
Project Team Members: Designer: Yun Tzeng Designer: Tsung Lin Tsai Designer: Jing De Wang
Project Name: Ode to Everything
Project Client: Tsung Lin Tsai

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Ode to Everything IMG #5

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