Social Corporate: A Cozy and Innovative Office Lobby

An Office Space Designed for Idea Exchanges and Relaxation

Office is not only the space for working, it should also be the place for idea exchanges. Social Corporate is an office lobby in Ningbo, China. Plants, fresh air, and nature are all common elements during the special 2022 stay-at-home period. Everyone needs a green and relaxed environment during working days. The lobby area is not only for passing through, the designer proposed the area to stay and enjoy. Therefore there are artworks, books shelves, and cozy seating areas in the space.

Designed by Martin Chow, Social Corporate is a unique office lobby that goes beyond the traditional concept of a transitional space. Inspired by the importance of nature and face-to-face interaction, this innovative design aims to create a relaxing and inviting environment for office workers.

During the stay-at-home period in 2022, people realized the significance of nature and green spaces. Social Corporate embraces this idea by incorporating plants, fresh air, and natural elements into the lobby. The space is carefully designed to provide a green and cozy environment where employees can unwind and recharge.

Unlike typical office lobbies, Social Corporate offers more than just a passageway. It features artworks, bookshelves, and comfortable seating areas, encouraging employees to stay and enjoy the space. This thoughtful design not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also improves work efficiency by providing a conducive environment for idea exchanges and relaxation.

The materials used in the realization of Social Corporate include marbles, mirror stainless steel, timber, and wave form plastic laminate. These elements add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space, creating a harmonious blend of nature and modern design.

One of the key considerations in the design of Social Corporate was the flow of traffic. The clear circulation from the entrance to the lift lobby ensures a seamless experience for employees and visitors. The entrance area features a striking 6-meter-high ceiling, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who enters.

The project, which started in August 2021 and was completed in August 2022, was located in Ningbo, China. Throughout the design process, Martin Chow worked closely with the client to understand the functional requirements of the space. The aim was to create a user-friendly area that not only serves as a transitional space but also provides a welcoming environment for people to socialize, chat, and read during their free time.

Designing a large office lobby presented its own set of challenges. With an area of approximately 450 square meters, Martin Chow had to find a balance between creating a cozy atmosphere and ensuring efficient use of space. The clever allocation of areas such as the exhibition gallery, library, and resting areas achieved this goal.

Social Corporate has been recognized for its outstanding design and creativity. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that demonstrate resourcefulness and authenticity, incorporating best practices in art, science, design, and technology. Social Corporate contributes to improving the quality of life and making the world a better place.

Photos by Kimi Guan

Intellectual Property Notice: Copyrights belong to Hot Koncepts Design Limited, 2022.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Martin chow
Image Credits: Photos by Kimi Guan
Project Team Members: Martin chow
Project Name: Social Corporate
Project Client: Martin chow

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