Adley Fixi T1: A Timepiece Inspired by Cycling

Architect-Turned-Designer Jordan Wang Marries Cycling and Horology

Introducing the Adley Fixi T1, a unique wristwatch inspired by the world of cycling. Designed by architect and cycling enthusiast Jordan Wang, this timepiece captures the essence of fixed-gear cycling with a modern twist. The design, which won the Silver A' Design Award in 2023, combines high-end components with a contemporary manufacturing process, resulting in a product that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Jordan Wang's inspiration for the Adley Fixi T1 came from his passion for cycling. He found similarities between a cycle and a watch, both simple in form but complex in mechanics. This concept led him to design a wristwatch that encapsulates the spirit of fixed-gear cycling, using high-end components and a modern watch manufacturing process.

The Adley Fixi T1 stands out for its distinctive design that evokes the image of cycling. The dial design follows the proportion of a cycle, and the dial is filled with Swiss Super-LumiNova to ensure legibility. The case profile, crown location, and central chain ring are signature design features, and the watch boasts a water resistance of 10 ATM. The caseback graphic tells the story of the cyclist never riding alone, and the mechanical movement generates power from kinetic energy.

The watch is manufactured using a 316L stainless steel case and CNC machining. The design process involved Revit and Rhino 3D rendering and 3D printing mock-ups to test the ideas. During the three-year design process, three rounds of prototypes were commissioned to ensure the end products met every expectation. Each stage of the prototype was road-tested and reviewed with the collaborator.

The case measures 13.6mm in depth, including a double-domed sapphire crystal, with a diameter of 40mm. The bespoke 20mm wide rubber strap aims to convey the cycling handlebar and enhance the watch's comfort. The bespoke recycled vinyl watch wallet and recycled paper watch packaging aim to minimise waste and reduce shipping costs. 10 ATM water resistance ensures the watch is suitable for all weather.

Like a bicycle, the Fixi-T1 is a mechanical watch powered by the person's movement. The NH35 mechanical movement is renowned for being a workhorse movement, with incredibly durable and straightforward mechanics for easy service and repair. The ethos of the mechanical watch is to reduce waste compared to battery-powered quartz watches while providing a watch for life.

The project started in March 2019 in Surrey, England, and the production model was ready in October 2022. The collaboration involved numerous professional cycle messengers, bespoke bike builders, watch enthusiast forums, social networks, The Bike charity, and industrial insiders to ensure a refined and desirable end product. The design received almost 800 likes and hundreds of positive comments, many of them expressing they would purchase the Fixi-T1 watch due to the design resonating with the passion of cycling, technical specifications, and price point.

The main challenge was translating the essence of a fixed-gear bike into an elegant design. This was Jordan Wang's first watch; designing and manufacturing a product from scratch has been a learning curve. It has been a long process of research, brand development, and finding and working with the right watch manufacturers to make the FIXI-T1 a reality.

In conclusion, the Adley Fixi T1 is a testament to the power of design, innovation, and passion. It is a timepiece that not only tells the time but also tells a story - a story of cycling, of craftsmanship, and of the relentless pursuit of perfection. It is a watch that, like a well-crafted bicycle, is built to last and designed to be cherished.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Jordan Wang
Image Credits:
Project Team Members: Jordan Wang
Project Name: Adley Fixi T1
Project Client: Jordan Wang

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