Un Blue: A Tribute to Peacekeepers in Timepiece Design

Welly Merck's Innovative Watch Design Honors UN Peacekeepers

Un Blue, a unique watch design by Xuanying Jiang for Welly Merck, pays tribute to United Nations peacekeepers. The design breaks tradition with its triangular case, symbolizing peace and stability, and uses environmentally friendly materials.

Un Blue's inspiration stems from a deep concern for global affairs. The design team chose to honor the "Blue Helmet Warriors," peacekeepers who leave their homes to maintain peace in war-torn regions. The watch's triangular case, a departure from traditional shapes, symbolizes stability and peace.

The design's unique properties lie in its innovative form and material selection. The triangular case breaks tradition, and the use of recycled high-quality plastic composite waste from military equipment transformations in the production of shockproof bezels, tapes, or other parts of the watch, demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The watch's realization technology includes a curved sapphire glass cover for dial transparency and protection, a Swiss Super-luminova luminous system for night-time reading, and water resistance up to 50M. The Velcro leather strap improves wearability, and the reflective coating on the strap surface meets outdoor night-time warning needs. The silicone strap uses recycled armament waste.

The design process involved long-term studies on watch reading habits, leading to the optimization of the case and glass angle to improve user experience. The detachable watch strap design adds convenience, and the see-through case back enhances the visualization of the mechanical movement.

The project, which began in China in December 2020, is still in progress with the basic version planned for launch in December 2022. The Un Blue will be sold as a limited edition. The design was awarded Silver in A' Watch Design Award in 2023, a testament to its creative and professional design excellence.

Un Blue is more than a timepiece; it's a tribute to peacekeepers and a statement of environmental responsibility. Its innovative design and functionality make it a standout in the world of watch design.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Xuan ying Jiang
Image Credits: Image #1:Creator Chen Zilong Image #2:Creator Chen Zilong Image #3:Creator Chen Zilong Image #4:Creator Chen Zilong Image #5:Creator Chen Zilong
Project Team Members: Jiang Xuanying Shang Jiazhuang Zheng Junjun Chen Zilong Zhu Huang
Project Name: UN Blue
Project Client: Xuan ying Jiang

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UN Blue IMG #5

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