Sunac Snow Park: A Fusion of Culture and Innovation

World's Largest Indoor Ski Resort Marries Traditional Symbols with Modern Design

In the heart of Chengdu, China, a new cultural landmark has emerged. Sunac Snow Park, designed by Gao Shanxing, is one of the world's largest indoor ski resorts. This architectural marvel ingeniously integrates regional cultural symbols with modern design, creating a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Shanxing's design inspiration came from the unique regional national cultural symbols. The building is organically integrated with the natural environment, drawing from the image of "The auspicious clouds of Kang Tibetan." It absorbs the momentum of moving clouds and flowing water, and combines elements deeply rooted in the cultural soil of Bashu with a long history, such as the Sichuan Opera mask, to create a contemporary regional iconic image.

What sets Sunac Snow Park apart from other ski resorts is its scale and design concept. The park is located in Sunac Cultural Tourism City of Dujiangyan City and has become a new landmark of local culture with its super large-scale building. The overall design concept uses "The auspicious clouds of Kang Tibetan" as the imagery, absorbing the momentum of moving clouds and flowing water, and combining the elements of Sichuan opera facial makeup to create a modern image.

The realization of this design was a feat of architectural and technological prowess. The challenge was to achieve complete and coherent patterns in oversized buildings while fitting the structure and achieving cost control. The design used Rhino software to accurately model to the depth of processing. The concave relationship of different separation aluminum plates and the treatment of concave lamps in the hexagonal shape of aluminum plates both took into account the precise layering logic relationship, and finally realized them precisely in the super-large-scale buildings.

The Sunac Snow Park adds a new leisure spot for skiing and recreational water to subtropical Chengdu, and has become a new cultural landmark with its oversized architecture. The image of the Facial Mask highlights Chengdu's cultural heritage and modernity, further enhancing the quality of Chengdu's "leisure capital", better publicizing Chengdu and spreading local culture.

The project was completed on May 18, 2020, and officially opened on June 30, 2020. The design research involved using Rhino software to draw on the epidermis of an oversized building. The base controllable surface was divided into two parts of water and ski, which were drawn separately and then fitted back to the building form. In 3D to achieve construction feasible and easy to control the quality of the split board treatment. In the super-scale to deal with a variety of seams, and across the civil structure of the seam, and finally in the construction space three-dimensional positioning to achieve elegant architectural effects, to achieve the perfect fusion of art and technology.

This design was awarded Golden in A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023. The Golden A' Design Award is granted to marvelous, outstanding, and trendsetting creations that reflect the designer's prodigy and wisdom. They are venerated products and bright ideas that advance art, science, design, and technology, embodying extraordinary excellence and significantly impacting the world with their desirable characteristics.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Gao Shanxing
Image Credits: Image #1,2,3,4,5: Photographer Wu Qingshan,2021
Project Team Members: Gao Shanxing
Project Name: Sunac Snow Park
Project Client: Gao Shanxing

Sunac Snow Park IMG #2
Sunac Snow Park IMG #3
Sunac Snow Park IMG #4
Sunac Snow Park IMG #5
Sunac Snow Park IMG #5

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