Yummy: A Restaurant Simulation Toy, Fostering Cognitive and Social Skills

Hang Li's Innovative Design Wins Silver in A' Toys, Games and Hobby Products Design Award

Hang Li's Yummy, a restaurant simulation toy, has been recognized for its unique design and innovative approach to children's cognitive and social development. The toy, inspired by kitchen simulation games and the benefits of physical play, offers an engaging and educational experience.

Yummy's design is a fusion of digital and physical play, incorporating elements from popular kitchen simulation games. The toy set includes a teppanyaki oven, a cash register, a set of wooden ingredients, and menus. The design encourages cooperative play, with children taking on roles such as the customer and chef. This interactive play process allows children to learn about restaurant operations, including taking orders, cooking, serving, and checking out.

The toy's unique properties lie in its ability to foster hands-on, cognitive, and social skills. It is designed for multiple players, promoting cooperation and communication. The use of wooden materials also emphasizes environmental consciousness and safety, appealing to parents who value physical toys for their children's development.

Yummy's technical realization involved rigorous testing and the use of various materials and technologies. The wooden components are made of linden plywood, while the 'iron plate' part is made of matt acrylic PMMA with light transmission. The buttons are 3D printed in resin. The toy uses Arduino UNO for data processing, combined with RFID modules and RFID tags for reading and identifying "ingredients" and "menus".

The design project, launched in Ningbo in March 2022, faced challenges in implementing the cooking simulation using the NFC toolset. The difficulty lay in accurately differentiating the ingredients and having the NFC module consistently read and represent the corresponding status in real time. Despite these challenges, Hang Li successfully completed the initial prototype in Hangzhou in July 2022, with further optimization ongoing.

Yummy's recognition with a Silver A' Design Award in 2023 is a testament to Hang Li's innovative approach and commitment to creating engaging, educational toys. The award highlights designs that exhibit outstanding expertise, innovation, and artistic skill, and Yummy certainly fits the bill. With its unique blend of digital and physical play elements, Yummy offers a fresh perspective on children's toys and their potential for cognitive and social development.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Hang Li
Image Credits: Hang Li
Project Team Members: Hang Li
Project Name: Yummy
Project Client: Hang Li

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