Snow Draft Beer: Redefining Taste and Design

China Resources Snow Breweries Ltd. Unveils Minimalist Packaging for Pure Malt Draft Beer

China Resources Snow Breweries Ltd. introduces a minimalist package design for its pure malt draft beer, Snow Draft Beer. The design, which won the Golden A' Packaging Design Award in 2023, highlights the purity of the ingredients and the advanced brewing technology used.

The inspiration for the design came from the desire to express the beer's simplicity and high-quality brewing concept. The packaging uses aurora green and pure white as the main tones, combined with patterns of malt, hops, and water ripples. The design also incorporates a calligraphy font, creating a unified and coherent visual identity that channels the fresh and original taste of the pure malt draft beer.

The unique properties of the design lie in its minimalism and color scheme. The series of package design is dedicated to Snow Breweries' first pure malt draft beer in China. The design harmoniously combines the patterns of malt, hops, and water ripples to convey the beer's pure and original taste. The bottle is slightly narrowed at the waist for a comfortable grip and a soft vibe, and it is embossed with the Chinese characters of Chunsheng (meaning pure and draft) in the font of calligraphy.

The design was realized using aluminum cans and glass bottles. The bottle holds 460 ml and stands 257 mm tall, while the can holds 500 ml and stands 168 mm tall. The can package, in a white tone, is decorated with line drawings of malt, hops, and water ripples, giving consumers a panoramic understanding of the premium brewing materials of the pure malt draft beer.

The design and development of the pure malt draft beer started in Beijing, in September 2020. It was introduced to the market in China, in August 2022. The design team, consisting of Dong Yan, Weixi Zhou, Yu Zhai, Hu Pan, and Jess, faced the challenge of conveying the original fine taste of the pure malt draft beer. They overcame this challenge by following minimalism and decorating the package with patterns of brewing materials to avoid redundancy.

The pure malt draft beer launched by Snow Breweries boasts a fresh and mellow taste, plus a pleasing wheat flavor, thanks to the technology of micron level sterile membrane filtration and the advanced process for brewing draft beer. The beer is brewed only with water, malt, and the select hops of Hersbruker and Czech Saaz, redefining how pure and fresh high-end beer can be for every consumer valuing a quality life.

The Snow Draft Beer packaging design is a testament to the power of minimalism in conveying purity and quality. It is a celebration of the art of brewing, the science of design, and the pleasure of taste. The Golden A' Packaging Design Award it received in 2023 is a testament to its outstanding design and the wisdom of its creators.

Project Details and Credits

Project Team Members: Dong Yan Weixi Zhou Yu Zhai Hu Pan Jess
Project Name: Snow Draft Beer

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Snow Draft Beer IMG #5

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