Metaura Pro Smark: A Revolution in Personal Comfort

Wearable Air Conditioner by Rui Luo, Gang Liu and Mengxin Wang

Addressing the global warming crisis and extreme weather conditions, Rui Luo, Gang Liu and Mengxin Wang have designed the Metaura Pro Smark, a wearable air conditioner that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide personal temperature regulation. This innovative design, which won the Silver A' Wearable Technologies Design Award in 2023, combines technology, comfort, and environmental consciousness in a stylish, wearable gadget.

The inspiration for the Metaura Pro Smark came from the increasing need for personal outdoor temperature regulation due to global warming. The designers aimed to solve problems such as discomfort from extreme temperatures and the health risks associated with excessive cold or heat. The wearable air conditioner not only provides comfortable heat therapy and effectively relieves neck fatigue, but it also reduces carbon emissions. It strikes a perfect balance between comfortable wear and long battery life through the adjustment of artificial intelligence.

What sets the Metaura Pro Smark apart from other designs is its use of the latest micro-air-conditioning technology. This technology, combined with a vapor chamber vacuum chamber soaking plate, allows for large-area uniform surrounding refrigeration. The device is made of skin-friendly silicone to avoid skin irritation and health risks caused by excessive cold, making it comfortable to wear. With AI algorithms, it can monitor and adjust the ambient temperature, and it powers on when worn and off when taken off.

The design realization of the Metaura Pro Smark is a testament to the designers' attention to detail and commitment to quality. The air inlet is made invisible with an in-mold label, and the overall design is simple and generous with abundant details. The plastic body is made through high-precision molds, and the product is seamless. The device is matched with finely carved anodized decorative aluminum sheets, and different materials are combined with light effects to form sci-fi elements with diverse details.

The Metaura Pro Smark is equipped with an AI intelligent core. In Smart Mode, the device can set a comfortable temperature for the users and then leaves the rest of the operations to the Metaura smart system. The product can sense whether the user is wearing the product or not, to power on or stand by automatically. With lightweight app and applet control, the device achieves more intuitive and convenient personalized regulation.

Designing the Metaura Pro Smark was not without its challenges. One of the main challenges was achieving large-area surrounding cooling, which requires long-distance transmission of low temperature and efficient heat dissipation. After testing more than a dozen materials, including various metals and graphene coatings, the designers finally found vapor chambers in the field of military heat dissipation to serve this function.

The Metaura Pro Smark is a groundbreaking design that addresses a global issue with a personal solution. It is a testament to the power of design, technology, and innovation in improving our everyday lives. The wearable air conditioner is not just a gadget, but a step towards a more comfortable and sustainable future.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Wen Liu
Image Credits: Wen Liu
Project Team Members: Rui Luo Gang Liu Mengxin Wang
Project Name: Metaura Pro Smark
Project Client: Wen Liu

Metaura Pro Smark IMG #2
Metaura Pro Smark IMG #3
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Metaura Pro Smark IMG #5

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