Longfor Origin: Redefining Real Estate with Innovative Design

Cindy Jin's Award-Winning Design Transforms Sales Center into a Multi-Experience Elite Social Club

Longfor Origin, a unique project by Cindy Jin, challenges the conventional real estate market by transforming a sales center into a highly customized club space. This innovative design integrates art, technology, humanities, health, business, entertainment, and private banquet, with the sales center serving as a hidden function. The design has been recognized with a Platinum A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023.

The uniqueness of Longfor Origin lies in its astrolabe design, which allows the blue sky to be exhibited in a more palpable manner. During the day, light illuminates and dazzles the space while interweaving with curves. At night, the space is framed with pieces of starlight, allowing people to embrace their imaginations while being accompanied by a starry sky.

The design realization technology used in Longfor Origin is as unique as its concept. The private dining area is given a sense of sequence and depth by the straight lines and mullioned wall design, which also creates a neat and orderly pattern. The two floor-to-ceiling windows improve transparency and purity while subtly introducing grace without being overly heavy.

The designer has also made efforts to boost the room's sense of layers and three-dimensional effect. Instead of using a huge solid wall partition to split the promenade public space that includes a cat cafe and a kids zone, steps are employed to achieve this effect.

Longfor Origin is not just about aesthetics; it's also about interaction. The dynamic spiral chandelier combined with the concise lines dances with the music and sparkles with vibrant lights and shadows, creating a sense of progressive rhythm and giving the viewer an immersive experience. A spiral staircase with a curry and metallic texture connects the two-story area, softening the edges and achieving harmony between beauty and connotation.

Located in Shengyang, China, this project started in December 2021 and was completed in April 2022. It is situated in Heping Bay in the middle of Heping District, Shenyang, a location that enjoys urban industry, talent potential, and the pulse of urban development in Shenyang. It has become the new pride of living, the new coordinates of prosperity, and the gathering place of high-end people.

In conclusion, Cindy Jin's Longfor Origin is a testament to the power of innovative design in redefining spaces and experiences. It's not just a sales center; it's a multi-experience elite social club that integrates various aspects of lifestyle, from art and technology to health and entertainment. With its award-winning design and unique features, Longfor Origin is indeed a game-changer in the real estate market.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Cindy Jin
Image Credits: Photographer Chuyituzhi and TheYears
Project Team Members: Cindy Jin
Project Name: Longfor Origin
Project Client: Cindy Jin

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Longfor Origin IMG #5

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