Jinlongquan Beer: A Nostalgic Gift Box Design

Bringing Back Memories of the 1980s

Jinlongquan Beer, a beloved brand in China for over 40 years, has recently unveiled a unique gift box design that pays homage to the brand's rich history. Created by designer Jin Zhang, this gift box captures the essence of the 1980s, a decade filled with joy and nostalgia.

The inspiration for this design stems from the brand's founding year and the vibrant cultural scene of the 1980s. Jinlongquan Beer wanted to evoke the same sense of happiness and carefree spirit that was prevalent during that era. By drawing on both the physical and emotional aspects of the brand, this gift box design perfectly encapsulates the brand's identity.

What sets this gift box apart is its clever use of the iconic tape recorder, a popular accessory during the 1980s. The tape recorder serves as the creative prototype for the design, symbolizing the brand's long-standing presence in consumers' hearts. The image of the tape recorder evokes a sense of nostalgia and conveys the idea that Jinlongquan Beer brings unlimited fun to people.

While the gift box may appear to be a complex packaging solution, designer Jin Zhang opted for a practical and environmentally friendly approach. The gift box is made entirely from corrugated cardboard, reducing excessive packaging and saving costs for the brand. Additionally, the design features three circular holes on the front, allowing consumers to catch a glimpse of the different types of beer products inside. This dual functionality not only protects the brand's culture but also enhances the gift box's appeal.

Measuring at 370mm in width, 70mm in depth, and 310mm in height, this gift box is a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering a unique and memorable experience to its consumers.

The interaction between the design and consumers is where the true magic happens. By using the tape recorder as a design element, the gift box triggers a flood of memories for many people, regardless of their age. In the current trend of retro aesthetics, the nostalgic design appeals to a wide range of consumers, creating an emotional connection that strengthens the brand's goodwill.

The project, which started in Wuhan, China in June 2022, was completed in July 2022 and exhibited in Hubei, China in September 2022. Throughout the design process, extensive research was conducted to understand the brand's development and key milestones. By incorporating the important year of the brand on the FM number of the recorder, the design seamlessly integrates the brand's story into its visual appeal.

Overcoming challenges such as production costs and internal structure, Jin Zhang successfully created a gift box that strikes the perfect balance between creativity, practicality, and environmental consciousness. The use of corrugated cardboard and the absence of foam inserts demonstrate the designer's commitment to sustainability.

This nostalgic gift box design for Jinlongquan Beer has garnered recognition and accolades. In 2023, it was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Packaging Design category. This prestigious award celebrates designs that exhibit outstanding creativity and resourcefulness while contributing to quality of life improvements.

Jinlongquan Beer's gift box design by Jin Zhang is a testament to the brand's dedication to delivering unique experiences to its consumers. By capturing the essence of the 1980s and evoking nostalgia, this design creates a lasting impression and reinforces the brand's position in the hearts of its loyal customers.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Jin Zhang
Image Credits: Jin Zhang
Project Team Members: Jin Zhang
Project Name: Jinlongquan Beer
Project Client: Jin Zhang

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Jinlongquan Beer IMG #5

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