Custom Hoodies: Unleash Your Inner Street Artist

A Stencil-Graffiti Inspired Logo for Personalized Fashion

Custom Hoodies is a Desktop-2-Garment web portal where images are applied to hoodies and printed. The logo is a stylization of a tied string on a hoodie done as a stencil-graffiti friendly Little Red Riding Hood superhero symbol, if she was one today, flying around looking for a big, bad wolf. It is attempting to emit a rebellious vibe and an upbeat energy of the street fashion brand, acting as a sub-brand on top of which the users of the web portal can build their own story.

Custom Hoodies, designed by Marko Maciev, is revolutionizing the way we express ourselves through fashion. This innovative web portal allows users to personalize their hoodies by applying their own images and designs. But what sets Custom Hoodies apart is its captivating logo, a symbol that embodies the rebellious spirit of street culture and the power of personal storytelling.

The logo, a stylized representation of a tied string on a hoodie, draws inspiration from stencil-graffiti art. It features a modern interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood as a superhero, soaring through the air in search of a big, bad wolf. This semiotic hybrid pays homage to the cultural significance of hoodies, both in street culture and traditional tales.

By infusing the logo with elements from films that popularized hoodies, like Rocky, and stories like Little Red Riding Hood, Marko Maciev has created a symbol that resonates with a diverse range of audiences. It acts as a sub-brand, inviting users of the web portal to create their own stories and embrace their inner street artist.

One of the unique properties of the Custom Hoodies logo is its ability to emit a rebellious vibe and an upbeat energy. It serves as a visual representation of the street fashion brand, encouraging users to unleash their creativity and put their stories out into the world. The logo's simple yet impactful design immediately associates the visual identity with the service provided, making it instantly recognizable to the target audience.

During the two-week design process in Hong Kong SAR, Marko Maciev faced several challenges. The first was to give the logo a compelling and relatable story. Extensive research into the cultural significance of hoodies provided valuable insights that informed the design process. The second challenge was to seamlessly merge the two directions of the research, ensuring that the logo captured the essence of both street culture and traditional tales without diluting their individual values.

Custom Hoodies has not only succeeded in creating a visually striking logo but has also been recognized for its excellence. The design was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Graphics, Illustration, and Visual Communication Design category in 2023. This prestigious accolade is bestowed upon designs that demonstrate outstanding creativity, resourcefulness, and technical skill. Custom Hoodies has not only incorporated best practices in art, science, design, and technology but has also contributed to improving the quality of life by empowering individuals to express themselves through personalized fashion.

With Custom Hoodies, anyone can become a street artist, using their personalized hoodie as a canvas to tell their own unique story. This innovative web portal and its captivating logo are redefining the way we engage with fashion, empowering individuals to embrace their individuality and unleash their creativity.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Marko Stanojevic
Image Credits: UMA Network Limited
Project Team Members: Marko Stanojevic
Project Name: Custom Hoodies
Project Client: Marko Stanojevic

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Custom Hoodies  IMG #5

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