Revolutionizing Home Design: The Guiyang Lakeside Villa

The One Mountain Union Design's Innovative Approach to Personalized and Artistic Living

In an era where home is more than just a place to live, The One Mountain Union Design has created a masterpiece that embodies the contemporary lifestyle of Generation Z. The Guiyang Lakeside Villa, a fusion of modern geometric design and urban naturalism, is a testament to the evolving definition of home.

The One Mountain Union Design team, consisting of Lin Haifeng, Huo Yi, and Xu Tian, embarked on this project in December 2019 and saw it to completion in December 2021. The villa, located in Guiyang, China, boasts four floors, a 500-square-meter outdoor garden, and an 800-square-meter interior space. The design team was given the freedom to take charge of on-site construction, ensuring the execution of their vision to the fullest.

The Guiyang Lakeside Villa stands out with its unique features. The designers have adopted a simplistic yet powerful design language, merging classic elements with a fashionable edge. The villa's design is based on customization and a deep understanding of behavioral modes. The Chinese kitchen and dining room are set in the underground space, creating two non-interfering circulation routes for housework and living & reception.

Technologically, the villa is a marvel. The staircase, combined with a brass grille, leads to the upper levels from the underground space. The double-height living room features simplistic carved lines and soft tones. The vertical lines in this area enhance the depth, while the organic wall patterns and art installations echo the natural grain of the carpets and marble floor. The suspended TV backdrop wall and the fireplace are integrated into a whole, serving also as a partition.

The design team faced numerous challenges due to the villa's complicated volumes, multiple floors, and large scale. However, they managed to provide whole-process solutions, including design, construction, and decoration. The designers followed up the entire project process to ensure desirable holistic effects and conceived a series of optimized spatial scenes to cater to the client's pursuit of a personalized and artistic lifestyle.

The Guiyang Lakeside Villa is not just a residence; it's a testament to the power of design in shaping our lives. The villa's design, which incorporates geometrically-cut structures, fluid curves, and colorful fun artworks, reflects the owner's aesthetic preferences. The open, flexible spatial pattern and environment-friendly furniture embody the concept of sustainable design. The villa's design has earned it the Silver A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023, a testament to its innovative and remarkable design.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: The One Mountain Union Design
Image Credits: He Zhifeng
Project Team Members: Lin Haifeng Huo Yi Xu Tian
Project Name: Guiyang
Project Client: The One Mountain Union Design

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Guiyang IMG #5

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