Sun Mori: Redefining Green Living

A New Residential Building by Genchi Architecture Construction

The extension of the large balcony and dining room, and the open kitchen design allows for more family-friendly interactions. Through architectural craftsmanship and careful planning, the concept of home is redefined to provide a new, green, and healthy living style for the occupants.

The Sun Mori residential building, designed by Genchi Architecture Construction, is a testament to the harmonious integration of nature and architecture. Located in the Jiufenzi area of Annan District in Tainan City, this innovative project reimagines the concept of sustainable living.

Occupying an area of 3188 square meters, Sun Mori stands out with its unique design and eco-friendly features. With six floors above ground and one floor below ground, the building houses a total of 17 residences. What sets it apart is its proximity to nature, as it is adjacent to 5,358 trees and 220,000 shrubs, creating a natural ecological waterscape.

The design of Sun Mori prioritizes sustainability and minimalism. The architects aimed to minimize the ratio of decorations and materials, focusing on the use of natural elements. The property boasts a permeability rate of 70 percent and a green cover rate of 60 percent, ensuring a healthy and green living environment for its residents.

Utilizing innovative construction techniques, Sun Mori incorporates a range of materials and technologies. The building features reinforced soul clay construction, double-layer glass with nf nano-grade ceramic thermal insulation film, metal brick, solar photovoltaic panels, and a combination of woodworking, tiles, paint, stone, hydropower, and weak electricity.

The architectural team, led by Bor-Sen Chang, aimed to achieve a perfect balance between nature and architecture. The large white wall with elegant flowing lines and the curved three-dimensional glass balcony harmonize with the winding wetlands in front, creating a seamless connection between the building and its surroundings.

Each standard floor of Sun Mori houses only three residential units, ensuring optimal ventilation and natural lighting. The curved balcony extends outward from both sides, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. The naturally ventilated staircase hall and public corridor, along with the safety staircase window, promote ample airflow throughout the building.

In addition to its architectural features, Sun Mori incorporates comprehensive epidemic prevention measures. The building volume includes three green lines of defense. The balcony, equipped with a drip irrigation system, serves as the first line of defense, purifying the air and providing fresh oxygen. The green corridor, a lush green belt, encapsulates the good life and acts as the second line of defense. Lastly, the property developer has adopted the river park in front of the building site, further enhancing the greenery and serving as the third line of defense.

The Sun Mori project was completed in March 2022 in Tainan, Taiwan. Its design is a result of meticulous research and creative problem-solving. The architects aimed to create a living space that seamlessly integrates with nature while providing a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle for its residents.

Sun Mori has been recognized for its outstanding design and innovation. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Architecture, Building, and Structure Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that showcase technical and creative skills, contribute to quality of life improvements, and make the world a better place.

With its unique design, eco-friendly features, and commitment to sustainability, Sun Mori sets a new standard for green living. It is a testament to the power of architecture to redefine the concept of home and create spaces that prioritize the well-being of both residents and the environment.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Genchi Architecture Construction Co Ltd.
Image Credits: Image #1-5: Photographer Gen Chi Architecture Construction Co., Ltd., Sun Mori, 2022.
Project Team Members: Architectural Design: Bor-Sen Chang
Project Name: Sun Mori
Project Client: Genchi Architecture Construction Co Ltd.

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